The expert guide to new, highly specialised non-invasive treatments

The beauty dreams you’ve been having are about to come true in 2020, as a whole new generation of products, treatments and services come on stream that will really deliver superb results.

Going further into the non-invasive side of beauty procedures, there’s a host of newness about to land in clinics. “Future Beauty” is here, and it includes an adapting and a finessing of existing treatments for better results as well as newness that will hopefully put the need for knives on hold. Some might be regarded as “out there”, expensive and a bit invasive... others merely involve a speedy add-on to other treatments.

Profhilo, the nicely priced injectable hyaluronic acid treatment, is now a well-established service (from €300 at The Dr Mulrooney Clinic and nationwide). These thick balls of solution are not fillers, but instead melt under the skin to add volume (via absorbed hydration), trigger collagen production and offer a nice, sculped appearance to the face. Coming soon will be the use of the same solution to the hands, to plump out skin and give a rejuvenated appearance.

The treatment itself will take no more than an hour and downtime is minimal (possible minor swelling and bruising).


Another existing treatment, Thermage gets a makeover for the new year. Known for its skin-tightening benefits, Thermage FLX is a brand-new single-treatment radio-frequency procedure, which will work on many areas, including the eyelid – a widely requested treatment area, but a hugely complex one when needles become involved. Excitingly, Thermage FLX comes with absolutely no pain or downtime.

Finally, and hopefully on stream before summer, EMSculpt will be the first non-invasive body-shaping procedure to refine the silhouette, building muscle contour (hello, abs!), while simultaneously destroying fat cells. The treatment uses electromagnetic technology to penetrate through the skin, inducing supramaximal muscle contractions that are accompanied by a rapid metabolic reaction in fat cells. The result is to strengthen and build muscle, while also breaking down fat... all while leaving the surrounding tissue unaffected. Ibiza, here we come!
This new decade is finally seeing beauty trends appear with the effective technology to deliver satisfying results. Now to make the most of it.

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This article originally appeared in the Volume 1 (January/February) 2020 issue of IMAGE Magazine.

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