Newborn baby's handFebruary is IMAGE Talks Fertility month, in partnership with Waterstone Clinic. Following an extensive survey that saw so many readers share their fertility stories with us, the questions they want answered and the fears they’re afraid to voice: we’re putting them all to leading experts.

On, we’re discussing everything from IVF to endometriosis and male fertility, as well as talking to real people about their journeys to parenthood. We’re also diving into wider issues that need to be addressed, such as Ireland’s lagging sex education program and the snail’s pace of our domestic and international surrogacy legislation.

As part of the month-long series, Dominique McMullan, IMAGE Media’s Editorial Director, is hosting the IMAGE Talks Fertility podcast, speaking to women whose fertility journeys mirror the paths that so many of you are walking. Dominique will put your fertility questions to the experts, and get advice and explanations that will help guide you, wherever you may be on your journey.

IMAGE Talks Fertility Podcast

Season One

Episode One

In episode one, Dominique has an honest and heartfelt conversation with Clodagh O’Hagan who shares her personal journey of becoming a mother through donor sperm. Dominique is then joined by expert nurse Mary McAuliffe to answer your fertility questions. Mary is the Head of Clinical Services at Waterstone Clinic, a general nurse, midwife and a founding member of the fertility specialist nursing team at Waterstone Clinic.

Episode Two

In episode two, Dominique is joined by Georgia Hickey who shares her story of freezing her eggs at age 30 after being told she had a low chance of conceiving naturally due to endometriosis. She talks about the decision to freeze her eggs, the medical process and her friends and family’s reaction. Dominique is the joined by Laura Hackett, Fertility Nurse Specialist at Waterstone Clinic, to answer your egg freezing questions.

Episode Three

In episode three, Dominique is joined by Sarah McDevitt. Sarah and her partner have three children – Lochlan, 4, Greyson, 2.5 and Willow, who is just 8 months. Sarah carried Loughlan and Willow, and Ger, her partner, carried Greyson. Their story is one of our times and a beautiful example for families starting down the same path. Dominique is then joined by Ursula Lynch, fertility nurse specialist and the donor sperm coordinator at Waterstone Clinic, to answer your questions.

Episode Four

In episode four, Dominique is joined by Dee Buckley, who is mum to beautiful Sage and Sienna. Dee shares her IVF journey and later Dominique will be joined by Dr. Eithne Lowe, who leads the team at the Dublin Waterstone Clinic.

Episode Five

In episode five, Dominique is joined by Anne O’Leary Chief Executive Officer of Vodafone Ireland and Susan Waterstone, Clinic Manager at Waterstone clinic to discuss fertility in the workplace.


Season Two

Episode One

In season two, episode one, we are starting at the very beginning: everything you need to know about getting started on your fertility journey. Our host Dominique McMullan, IMAGE Media’s editorial director, sits down with Laura Hackett, fertility nurse specialist at Waterstone Clinic, to ask the questions you need the answers to.

Episode Two

In season two, episode two we are covering IVF at 40 and above. Our host Dominique McMullan, IMAGE Media’s editorial director, sits down with Dr John Waterstone, leader at Waterstone Clinic, to ask the questions you need answers to. Next Dominique welcomes new mum, Maria. On recording, Maria’s daughter was just six-weeks-old. She was conceived through IVF when Maria was 40. Maria and Dominique touch on the hope and luck that is needed when trying for a baby at an older age, the process and tests that are necessary to get you there and the joy that is experienced when you finally hold that baby in your arms.

Episode Three

In season two, episode three, we’re talking about a topic that we’ve touched on more than once over the course of this series, but not yet focused on: male factor infertility. Fertility issues affect one in every six couples who are trying to conceive, and in at least half of these cases, male factor is an issue. Our host Dominique McMullan, IMAGE Media’s Editorial Director, sits down with Dr Tim Dineen, a specialist in male fertility at Waterstone Clinic, and tackles some of the facts and myths related to male factor infertility. Later in the episode, Dominique is joined by Àine and James, a couple who have experienced male factor infertility, who are currently expecting their first child.

*Since this episode aired, Àine and James have welcomed a beautiful baby boy into the world. We want to take this opportunity to thank them for sharing their inspiring story with us and wish them all the best in the future.

Episode Four

In season two, episode four, we’re talking about a treatment we don’t often hear about when discussing fertility options, and that’s treatment with donor eggs. Donor egg treatment (sometimes called “egg donation treatment”) is a treatment that involves a patient using eggs that have been donated by another woman.

Our host Dominique McMullan, IMAGE Media’s Editorial Director, sits down with Dr Eithne Lowe, a highly experienced consultant in reproductive medicine who leads the team in Waterstone Clinic Dublin, to ask the questions you need answers to. Later in the episode, Dominique is joined by Marian O’Tuama, who is a specialist Fertility Counsellor. Donor egg treatment might be difficult to get your head around, and fertility counselling provides a safe space in which to do just that. Being able to talk about what might come up emotionally, how you may feel and what is worrying you, is essential for mental health at this potentially challenging time.

Episode 5

In episode five, we get practical. Generally, the emotions people experience, no matter which treatment they may have, are very similar. So what can you, as a listener, do to lessen any worries and manage the holiday season ahead? How can you prepare for starting a fertility journey at this time? What do you need to know? What and where are the supports you might need, and how should you manage expectations and any anxieties? In this episode, we break it all down so you are empowered and comfortable for the Christmas season ahead.


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This podcast is in partnership with Waterstone Clinic. Family-owned and operated, Waterstone Clinic is a leader in fertility excellence with two decades of reproductive medicine experience. Waterstone Clinic has built a family of five clinics in Dublin, Cork, Kildare, Limerick and Waterford. The clinic uses pioneering fertility science making even the most advanced fertility services available to patients in Ireland and they are renowned for their exceptional patient care.