True friendship – where you can interrupt each other raucously without worrying about whether or not the room is ventilated; where you can eat off each other’s plates – exists in the past and in the future
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Lynn Enright: ‘I can’t shake the sense that the loneliness...

By Lynn Enright

Has society become more tolerant of the idea of dating interracially?
Interracial dating: “People kept asking ‘where is she from?'”

By Filomena Kaguako

The orgasm gap
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The Orgasm Gap: ‘We have this frustrating myth that sex...

By Aoife Drury

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Porn addiction: ‘It was like having another relationship. It was...

By Michelle Heffernan

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Pandemic dating: ‘Sorry I can’t see you anymore, I’m in...

By Finn McRedmond

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My husband left me with four young children, cleared out...


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