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Why Huda Kattan stopped getting lip fillers (and how her lips still look plump!)

by Aisling Keenan
19th Nov 2019

Huda beauty

Huda beauty

Huda Kattan’s lips became as famous as the woman herself, but when negative comments and a shocking revelation from her doctor made her think twice about fillers, she decided to stop getting them…

You can’t scroll through beauty Instagram for more than ten seconds now without passing someone who’s got filled lips. Beauty mega-boss, Huda Kattan was, until earlier this year, one of them. She already had naturally full lips, but opted in to having, some might say, unnaturally large ones.

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Negativity and truth

But when comments from her fans started coming in, it made her think twice about filling her lips.

“I started getting a lot of comments on my YouTube channel, and people were saying some pretty mean things about my lips,” Kattan wrote on her website.

“While I normally try to ignore any nasty, negative comments, it did make me stop and think, ‘wait, are my lips too big?’. Normally, I would just ignore the comments, but this time it did make me think about it.

“After my doctor told me that my lip fillers made me look old, and plastic, and fake (true story), I knew it was time for a change. Now that I’ve removed my lip fillers, I feel like I have a softer, more natural look,” she continued.


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Is bigger always better?

The answer to that seems to be yes, to be fair. Certainly right now, bigger is better when it comes to lips, but there are ways to achieve it without injections.

Huda Kattan is famous for her Insta tutorials, as well as her eponymous brand. In this video, you can see how Huda cleverly uses brown lip liner to create shadows, giving the illusion of bigger lips, and how she plays with shading and light glosses to make her lips look much bigger than they are naturally.


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Easy Lip Contour that doubles your lip size! What tutorials do you guys want?!

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And in this one, she uses concealer and over-drawing to achieve a fuller looking pout.


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Photo from @Huda on Instagram

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