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Would you try blurred lips?

by Hannah Hillyer
18th Oct 2018

As a lipstick fiend, my weapon of choice (and I firmly believe it is a weapon) is always a matte lip. Red, plum or pink I’ll wear any bold colour as long as it has serious staying power. The look of blurred out lips has intrigued me as it’s done with a texture I love but without the definition. I won’t wear lipstick unless I’m going the whole way- that’s concealer over the lips, then lipliner, then lipstick, so the idea of my lipstick blurred at the edges goes against all my makeup instincts. I’m a sloppy eater at the best of times, at work you’ll often find me snacking and drinking cups of tea so the last thing I want is my lipstick to betray me, it should look flawless and untouched (despite the chocolate digestives).

At first I thought this would be like a lip stain or an ombre lip, with the majority of colour applied in the centre or at the edges of the lips. Instead the lippy  is applied full whack, sans lipliner. Once applied, smudge the edges gently with a small brush or a cotton bud. The colour is then diffused softly around the edges of the lips, you can also blot lips with a tissue to mattify them further.

To avoid this looking messy, it’s imperative to have your base looking fresh and clean, you don’t want it to appear as though your lipstick has just rubbed off or you’ve been kissing someone on your lunch break. I would aim to have any redness or blemishes covered so all the focus is on your pout.

With growing trends in recent years focussed on lips being plumped up and overdrawn, this feels fresh and different. Easy to achieve with recent beauty launches like Chanel’s Rouge Allure Liquid Powder and MAC’s latest take on the matte lip with their Powder Kiss Lipsticks.  The overall look is so soft and pretty that it feels more like natural looking makeup even when it’s a bold red or berry shade. Effortlessly undone at it’s finest.


Header image: @touchinsolus