Influencer-washing in Dubai: How human rights violations hide behind glamorous...

The recent case of an Irish domestic violence victim who was criminalised by Dubai authorities…

By Roe McDermott

Taylor Swift
Why it’s time to stop being ashamed of liking ‘girly’...

It's time we stopped being ashamed of liking 'girly' things. Here, Édaein O' Connell explains…

By Edaein OConnell

Devil Wears Prada sequel
Sequel expectations from a Devil Wears Prada purist

Just 18 long years later, a sequel to The Devil Wears Prada is in the…

By Sarah Gill

Hawk Tuah fame
What the Hawk Tuah girl tells us about viral fame

One Southern sweetheart is providing a masterclass on how to extend the shelf life of…

By Sarah Gill

Best podcasts team image
All of the podcasts you should be listening to, according...

True crime or pop culture analysis, news explainers or words of wisdom, the realm of…

By Sarah Gill

50 years of Dublin Pride: What Pride means to me

To mark the 50th anniversary of Dublin Pride, Brendan Courtney, Jennifer Rock, Davina Devine and…

By Holly O'Neill

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