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Baby Botox vs Botox: What’s the difference?

by Aisling Keenan
13th Oct 2020

What’s the difference between the so-called ‘Baby’ Botox and ‘real’ Botox? We asked one of Ireland’s top clinical dermatologists to define each

We spend a lot of time staring at ourselves these days. Not on purpose (most of the time!), but with Zoom calls, social media and smartphones constantly documenting everything, it’s difficult not to pick apart and examine every wrinkle. Getting Botox isn’t for everyone, but those of us for whom wrinkles, fine lines or expression lines cause a lack of confidence, it’s a fairly simple solution.

But what’s the difference between the so-called ‘Baby’ Botox and ‘real’ Botox? We asked one of Ireland’s top clinical dermatologists, Dr Katherine Mulrooney from the Dr Mulrooney Clinic, to define each version for us.


“Baby Botox is a super light dose of Botox that results in a very light relaxation of facial muscles so its effect is subtle and lasts approximately 10 weeks. This is ideal for a patient in their late 20s or early 30s who is looking to soften lines without doing anything too much,” explains Dr Mulrooney.

“This is very popular among the young brides-to-be who want to look fresh-faced and not frozen on their wedding day. It’s also popular for anyone in their late 20s curious about the effect Botox may have on their skin.”

The Baby Botox client:

  • Brides-to-be
  • Women in their late 20s, early 30s
  • Those curious about the effects
  • Someone with subtle fine lines

Drs Jane (left) and Katherine (right) Mulrooney, pictured at their clinic in Dublin 4.


“Regular Botox is the standard dose, and the result is an obvious softening of lines and wrinkles to the patient (but not so obvious to the onlooker!). It lasts between for and six months,” says Dr Mulrooney.

“The effects of regular Botox are cumulative, and results improve on repeated treatment, given that the treatments are carried out regularly. Working professionals tend to opt for regular Botox treatment and woman in over 35 age category.”

The Botox client:

  • Women age 35 and over
  • Those who need a more definite softening of lines

Our advice? If you think Botox, either regular or ‘baby’, would give you a confidence boost, go for it. But always attend a reputable clinic with a proven record for delivering a high standard of aesthetic treatments – your face is not worth taking a risk on. And know that we think you are beautiful, just the way you are.

Photography by Jason Lloyd Evans.

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