The New Chanel Mini-Movie

?I've got chills they're multiplying??

The opening strains of Baz Luhrmann's new Chanel mini-movie for the iconic No 5 scent are familiar, and something utterly different. A cover of the hit duet from?Grease is usually a signpost for camp gaudiness and excitement - however, here the vocals and music are rendered into something hauntingly beautiful by singer-songwriter Lo-Fang. It's a world away from the hyped and costly 2004 effort, also by Luhrmann, which saw Nicole Kidman escape the high-octane world of intense celebrity for a brief rooftop love affair.

Here Gisele is a woman in the throes of an emotional cold war. Her lover watches her from their seaside home as she battles waves with a Chanel branded surfboard while wearing a wetsuit emblazoned with the number 5. He walks away, leaving a cryptic note while Gisele's strong woman must navigate being a mother and balancing her modeling career. Don't worry, there is a happily romantic resolution and you're going to want to get your hands on those Rue Cambon diamonds?


There is something restrained and stunning about the whole film - which fits in with the choice of Gisele as the new face of the scent. One of the most naturally stunning women in the world championing one of the most famous and beloved scents? We love.

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