#CuratedEar: What it is and where you can get one

The #CuratedEar is one of the biggest jewellery trends to emerge in recent times. Piercings have evolved and now the curated look is taking over our Instagram feeds – but where do you get one? We take a look at two different options, with two different price points that are available in Dublin right now.

When I think of getting my ears pierced, I think of being hauled into the local chemist by my mother and sitting through the torturous pinching that was the piercing gun.

You had two choices: plain gold studs or stars (or, if you were lucky, you might have got a diamond). Back then, the idea of a curated ear was unheard of. Those who had more than one ear piecing were rebels and those who had more than two were people your mother didn't let you hang around with.

Taking stereotypes out of the equation, ear piercings are now the jewellery trend-du-jour. #CuratedEar has over 31,000 posts on Instagram and the movement shows no hints of slowing down anytime soon. Whatever your gender, whatever your age and whatever your personal style – there is one for you.


What does it look like?

A curated ear is a term coined by jewellery designer Maria Tash. It means having multiple ear piercings which have been carefully planned to work together. Piercings are strategically placed on the ear, while jewels are expertly chosen to complement one another.

Choose from as many or as little as you want. The key is making sure it fits and suits your individual taste.


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Where can you get a curated ear?

Maria Tash

Maria Tash has long been regarded as the go-to for luxury high-end ear piercing curation. Celebrities such as Blake Lively and Beyoncé are fans – and for good reason, with the unique design aesthetic and fashion-forward feel of the brand. The famed jeweller now has a store in Brown Thomas, Dublin and it has very quickly grown in popularity since its opening last year.

The Maria Tash piercers will guide you through the process in-store and help you find the right mix of piercings to suit your ear. The jewels are nothing short of stunning (and they're far removed from the plain gold studs of yore, which generations of us were subjected to).


Prices for the piercing start at €20 and €115 for the earrings. While it's slightly on the pricey side, the earrings are exquisite and most importantly, they will have longevity.

Image: Maria Tash


Accessorize have just recently launched their in-store piercing service and it is the perfect introduction to the curated ear world without the hefty price tag.

The piercing itself is free for lobe and flat cartilage with the purchase of selected earrings, and prices start at €19.90. You can choose from 9ct or 24ct gold-plated pairs or stainless steel options, and free aftercare solution is included.

It's quick, easy and painless (bar a slight pinch) and you have complete control over what styles or placement you want. What's more, the girls in Accessorize couldn't be more helpful; they guide you through the process patiently.


The Accessorize Piercing Parlour is available now in Accessorize stores in Grafton Street and Dundrum.

Image: Accessorize

Header image: Maria Tash 

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