Oscars 2019: Why Lucy Boynton is our latest beauty crush

You may recognise Lucy Boynton from her role as Mary Austin in smash hit Bohemian Rhapsody. Relatively new to the public gaze, she has been a refreshing stand out this awards season for her unique looks on the red carpet. Her sartorial choices have consistently been unexpected and gorgeous, but it's her make-up earning serious kudos in our books.

Make-up artist Jo Baker is who we need to thank for the consistent stream of unusual and quirky beauty looks. Inspired by anything that takes her fancy from lampshades, mint humbugs and even fish (go on to her Instagram @missjobaker for more behind the scenes inspo, it's fascinating) - you never know quite what she'll do next.

Normally for red carpet beauty we look to someone like Charlotte Tilbury as the expert, as she has nailed old school Hollywood glamour. However, it's nice to see someone doing something a little risky. Although stars will often go for something daring when it comes to their wardrobe choices, make-up can often take a safe back seat at the awards. Jo Baker's looks however, are youthful and fun whilst also lending an editorial edge which we don't usually see on the red carpet.

See below for our favourite looks on Lucy since award season began, including last night's Oscars;


This was the first look of hers we featured on IMAGE as we were instantly obsessed with this eyeshadow. Inspired by mint humbugs of all things, this is a perfect example of Jo Baker's unusual creative approach. We love the soft, smudgy lines that sculpt the eye area, and combined with bronzed, glowing skin, this look is pure 70's lux.

If her previous look oozed 70's glamour, this takes it back a decade. With the velvet bow in her hair the look veers towards super girly but the modern twist on 60's eyeliner looks both modern and edgy and oh-so Edie Sedgwick.

This look is strikingly reminiscent of David Bowie with the mix of pink and red tones. The colour is not kept on the lid, instead blended outward creating a rosy glow out to the temples. On paper it shouldn't really work, but the execution is perfect.


This 'kitten flick' is so simple yet so effective. Instead of connecting the liner to the corner and along the lash-line, it sits completely disconnected from the eye. A sharp triangle on the edge of each eye instead creates a futuristic version of the classic feline flick, and we are obsessed.

Despite Baker's exciting use of colour, the looks are never over complicated. Instead they look inherently cool, and not try-hard as when using colour it is soft and smudgy like this sunset eye she created for the Baftas.

For the Vanity Fair party, Baker went 60's again creating this striking yellow and black eye. Almost going full Twiggy, with the drawn on lower lashes and socket liner, the look remained modern with her use of bright yellow eye shadow.

The stories Jo Baker describes around each look are as interesting as what she creates. A favourite is this from the pre-Oscar Chanel event where her inspiration was a secret agent undercover as a 1950's housewife. Soft, powdery blue shadow placed just at the outer corners is girly, but paired with her signature long spidery lashes and a raspberry pout, it looks modern.


Lastly, her look for the Oscars did not disappoint. No edgy eyeliner here, instead everything was a rose gold hue. Using products from Chantecaille, Baker created a look that is pure rosy flawlesseness, paired with brushed up brows and lots of highlighter, it was Hollywood perfection.


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