This Kérastase scalp scrub made me rethink my hair care routine

Scalp health isn't something I think about often, but when I got this scalp scrub and read what it was attempting to do, I realised how vital a clean and healthy scalp is to have great hair...

In order for healthy hair to grow, your scalp needs to be clean and healthy too. In fact, treating your hair with masks and great styling products can all be pointless if your scalp is clogged up. This scalp scrub from Kérastase made me think again about what's going on under my hair.

Dry shampoo -vs- scalp scrub

As any blonde, thin-haired person will know, dry shampoo is your best friend. In fact, anyone who's ever been too busy to do a full wash and dry, or anyone who's got greasy hair will understand how beloved it is. But talc-based dry shampoos (the cheap ones we all love) can clog up your scalp significantly.


I'm not for a moment suggesting abandoning all your dry shampoos (I love the Klorane one because it doesn't clog!) but what I'm saying is, a clogged scalp won't grow great hair - and a scalp scrub can help.

scalp scrub

Kérastase Fusio Scrub Apaisant

€49.90 from

After one use, I had mixed feelings. The first thought? This is amazing, where has it been all my life? And my second thought? I'm going to have to buy this for the rest of my life - not a cheap habit, but I'm in it now.

What it said it would do was gently cleanse the scalp and hair, taking away pollution particles, impurities and sebum, up to 22%
more than a traditional shampoo. It promised shine, hydration and more. I wasn't sure.

Did it deliver?


I did expect the super squeaky clean feeling, but I didn't anticipate the smoothness, the lightweight effect or the softness of my hair. All from a scalp scrub? It didn't seem to even make sense.

As for shine, blonde hair doesn't normally shine at all, to be honest. But this product mixes jojoba and sweet orange peel which softens and hydrates the scalp and clearly produces megawatt shine.

Again, €49.90 seems a lot for yet ANOTHER hair care routine step - it is a lot. But I'd anticipate getting about 10-12 uses out of the tub, and would probably do the treatment once a month to maintain the scalp health, so in reality, it'll likely last you about a year.

Photography by Jason Lloyd Evans.

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