Glam tech: The beauty apps that you need to download

We're all permanently attached to our phones, so it was only a matter of time before we started using it to source and assist our beauty products, appointments and tips. Here are some really clever, super handy (and free!) ones you can download...

There are so many apps on the app store. I, for one, get easily overwhelmed by that sort of thing, and did one day, when looking for an app that would help me book a last minute appointment for make-up.

I discovered a brilliant one that did just that, and while I ended up running out of time that day, in the search process I came across other really clever beauty apps that are now in firm situ on my phone.



This is a genius one that lets you book hair, make-up, nails, tan and even bridal services all from the comfort of your phone. Created in Ireland by Trudy Hayes, the app is seamless in its processes, simple and quick to get to grips with and super convenient.

If you're a busy mother who needs a hair cut at home, last minute, you can sort it quickly with the app. It's super reliable too, and you can contact the team easily if needs be.



This one, powered by L'Oréal Professionel, the luxury salon branch of L'Oréal, lets you test out new colours and styles in your hair in real time, and connects you with salons that can provide the goods (location dependent).

You log in, open up the camera and you can try so many styles and colours quickly and easily. A word of warning though - I wanted to dye my hair bright lilac after just one use, so I will not be held responsible for any rash hair decisions you make as a result of this recommendation.




The motto of this app is 'Think dirty, shop clean' - the idea is, you can scan in the barcode or manually search for any beauty, skincare or haircare product and check out the ingredients in full before you buy.

It helps you buy flagging any potential nasties, helping you steer well clear of ingredients you're hoping to avoid. So clever and really good for the more mindful beauty shopper.




YouCam as an app has its share of handy aspects, but the handiest of all is the Skin Diary. You can take pictures of your skin intermittently as you progress through a new skincare routine to see if there's a noticeable difference.

You can upload and save pictures so that you can monitor your skin as your cycle changes too, which is handy for anyone suffering from hormonal breakouts.

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