Future Icon: Clarins has found the foundation of youth

Clarins' new foundation shocked me in the best way possible - I didn't expect to love it, and now it's a make-up bag staple. Here's why I've added it to my permanent collection after only a week of use...

I have, over my decade writing about beauty, tried countless foundations. Lots are fine, many are terrible and some get a gold star from me and will land in my permanent make-up bag - that has happened probably five times in ten years.

And now, for reasons I'll outline below, that number is increasing to six times in ten years.

Impressed from day one


About a week and a half ago, I was exceptionally stressed with work. I had deadlines to meet, I wasn't sleeping great, I had slept in my make-up one night (NEVER happens) and as a result, my skin was dull. Lacklustre, tired, looking very much its age if not older.

I had just received Clarins' new foundation in the post as a sample, and I noticed it was called Everlasting Youth Fluid. That sounded exactly what my face needed. I didn't have high hopes of a transformation, I was more so thinking 'well,  how much worse can I look?'.


Clarins Everlasting Youth Fluid Illuminating and Firming foundation

€40, from Arnotts.ie

The fountain of youth

So I applied it. I watched as my tired, borderline haggard appearance was transformed. I looked, dare I say it, fresh and youthful. I was astounded, needless to say, given the sorry state my skin was in. It didn't make me look ashen and washed out, which I find happens often.


My skin felt hydrated, there was a nice amount of coverage, it didn't sink in to my skin and disappear, nor did it just sit on my skin and look painted on. I was really impressed and genuinely excited to use it more.

The important stuff:

  • there are 24 shades, ranging from the palest to darkest skin tones
  • it has an anti-pollution complex
  • it contains SPF15 which isn't enough for me, I would always wear SPF50 under my foundation
  • the chicory extract ingredient helps with brightening the skin
  • it contains konjac micro pearls to hydrate and plump skin
  • it has an instant effect but also improves skin plumpness and texture over time

Clinical and consumer trials

Something I've started looking out for in all my beauty trialling is evidence. Stats and results that show how the product really works. But what I want is clinical trials rather than just consumer ones - so it's no good saying "39 out of 40 women said their skin felt firmer!" when for all I know those 39 women could've literally been from Victoria's Secret catwalk model HQ, and their skin is already plenty firm.

But this foundation, thankfully, has both. So, had this been me looking to buy rather than try a press sample, I would've been able to trust the trial findings.



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Photo courtesy of Clarins

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