Normcore Most Googled Fashion Trend of 2014

2014’s most Googled fashion trends have been revealed. Turns out, Normcore was the biggest hitter of the year, characterised by plain, non descript and somewhat androgynous clothing.

Coming in at a close second was ‘Health Goth’, which we must admit, went slightly over our heads. Dazed Digital describe the health goth as someone who spends their time in the gym listening to Bauhaus.

Find out where your own sartorial aesthetic ranks on the top searched terms this year.

Top 20 Fashion Trends

1. Normcore
2. Health goth
3. Althleisure
4. Wearables
5. Crop tops
6. Designer collaboration
7. Over-the-knee boots
8. Full skirts
9. Culottes
10. Mules
11. Street style
12. Capes
13. Mesh
14. Tartan
15. Fashion sneakers
16. Mod style
17. Suede
18. Iridescence
19. Embroidered denim
20. Velvet


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