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6 simple ways I transformed my car into a safe and relaxing space

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23rd Dec 2020
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As a working mum, Suzie McAdam is always on the go, usually with her 7-month-old boy secured in the back seat. We asked the interior designer how she made her car a stress-free space for both herself and her little one.

Like many parents, Suzie McAdam is a wearer of many hats – owner of Interior Design Studio and Showroom Suzie McAdam Design, Volvo Brand Ambassador and mum to 7-month old Sebastian.

As you can imagine, she is alway on the move, spending a majority of her time in her car getting from A to B.

That’s why Suzie decided to approach her car the same way she approaches designing interiors, creating a soothing and safe space for both her and her family.

Here are her tips for transforming your car into a safe and relaxing place.

1. Invest in a safe car

“My Volvo XC60 has Lane Keeping Aid, which steers the car back into the lane if I start to veer.

“And if I ever need to reverse out of a parking space, the Cross Traffic Alert on my car detects cars approaching from the side to warn, and then brake if necessary to help avoid a collision.”

2. Use Bluetooth for everything

“I use Bluetooth voice recognition for everything in the car. I think it’s really important not to have to look at the screen or use any touch technology so your focus is always on the road.”

3. Create the best viewpoint

“I installed additional mirrors so I am able to see Sebastian without turning; I found that really helpful when he was under six months old, particularly.

“I also love the swivel safety car seat for Sebastian. Anything that can ease time and comfort when you are rushing and on the go is so beneficial for any mom on the go!” 

4. Put your phone away

“I always leave my phone in my handbag, so it’s not distracting if it’s buzzing or any alerts come through.”

5. Find a favourite podcast

“Combining being a new mother and running a business can be sometimes overwhelming. For me that ten minutes of listening to my favourite podcast (I adore the High Low) or cheesy playlist can just help reset me or energise me for the day ahead. 

“Also, Apple Play is great for syncing your own music and playlists on the Volvo systems.”

6. Be flexible and functional

“What I love is flexibility in the functionality; for me as an Interior Designer, I often have samples, wallpaper books and an odd little piece of furniture that I might source at an auction or supplier, so space is vital. 

“Likewise at the weekends, when I like to go exploring with my family which includes a rather large dog…. the duality and crossover suits both my professional and personal life.

“My favourite journey is to drive to the Wicklow mountains, particularly en route to Lough Dan a favourite hiking spot, there is a very special tree lined section over a bridge that is just spectacular no matter what the season!”


Since 1927, Volvo Cars has been at the forefront of innovation in the field of safety and child safety is no exception. Volvo’s unique approach to child safety includes creating and carrying out tests based on real-life traffic situations, which enables them to carefully monitor how each child seat reacts in a real-life car environment, and then tailor their designs accordingly. For more information on Volvo Cars safety initiatives visit www.volvocars.ie, check out @volvocarsie on Instagram or speak to your local Volvo Cars retailer.


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