Why you're going to see every influencer you follow with this phone

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is not only majorly Instagrammable in itself - think purple oyster shell exterior - but it's also an influencer's dream when it comes to content creation. 

With most of us in self-quarantine at home, and with no distractions since bars and restaurants shut their doors due to Covid-19, it should come as no surprise that social media activity has seen a surge in recent days.

As reported by Obvious.ly, eMarketer and the Pew Research Center, there was a surge in Instagram and TikTok activity in particular - as high as 76% in some cases - since the virus struck Europe and America.

The Pew Research Center found that over half of US adults obtained their news from social media, and with constant updates on the pandemic, this is only likely to rise in the coming weeks.


The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip folds in half like a compact. Photo: Samsung

And with all of that extra social media activity, that means your favourite influencers will be ramping up the content creation too. There is only so much television one person can watch, right?

Among the lounge wear hauls and the baking recipes, we're predicting a trend in content creators shooting and snapping their content on the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, available to buy in Ireland from March 27.

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Why, you may ask? Nope, not because Samsung has collaborated with a load of influencers - in fact, the Galaxy Z Flip is only being released in limited numbers - but because its features are a social media creative's dream.

Add to that exclusivity that the smartphone itself is extremely Instagrammable - look out for those mirror selfies - the Galaxy Z Flip is major social media retail.


The hands-free function on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip allows influencers create content seamlessly. Photo: Samsung


Perhaps the coolest feature of the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is the 'tripod' function that allows you to shoot and snap hands-free. By opening the phone into an L-shape (made possible by the ultra thin foldable glass - a first-of-its-kind feature in a smartphone) one half of the phone can sit on a flat surface, while the top works as a screen on its own.

It's the perfect tool to record TikTok videos, Instagram Stories such as make-up demonstrations or hair tutorials. We predict beauty influencers will be all over this one.

It should be noted that right now, some social media functions like Instagram Live do not support this hands-free camera function, but there's nothing stopping you recording on the phone and uploading straight to Instagram afterwards.

This hands-free function also works for the camera in selfie mode. There are myriad shooting methods on the Galaxy Z Flip, such as Flex Mode where you can set a timer simply by putting your hand in their air, or using voice command.


You can capture photos in ratios starting from 3:4 right up to 9:22 - perfect for those Instagram collages influencers are so fond of. Video screen ratio begins from 9:16 and goes up to 16:9.

Battery Life

A long battery life is an important feature for anyone's smartphone, but especially so if you're an influencer and use your phone for work.

Luckily, the Galaxy Z Flip continues the innovative Samsung technology and allows users to charge the smartphone wirelessly. All that's required is snapping the phone shut so it's like a compact, and placing the centre on the wireless charger provided with the device. Other Samsung devices you can also charge this way include the Samsung Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Buds - both compatible with the Galaxy Z Flip.

So while you're scrolling through your feed during self-isolation, look out for your favourite influencer's new smartphone. You heard it here first...


The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is available to buy in Ireland from March 27 from Three Ireland and the Samsung e-store.

Main photo: Barry McCall for IMAGE

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