Real Wedding VIDEO: The Little Green Spoon's Indy Power and Tom Parsons

  • by IMAGE

When Indy Power of the Little Green Spoon met Tom Parsons, she was just 17 and still baking cupcakes with tons of sugar and regular flour. There's been plenty of water under the bridge since then for both of them- college, work, and puppy-parenting of Winston, their golden Frenchie.

When it came to their wedding, the couple decided against using a wedding planner, diverting the funds that could've gone to that to Indy's spectacular dress by Peter Langner and the wine budget. Then they set to organising everything more or less themselves. They had a very lucky headstart in terms of suppliers- they were able to re-book the same caterers, staff and florist that had worked Indy's sister's wedding just ten weeks previously. That left them free to concentrate on the fun stuff that would make their day utterly unique- design details. Very quickly they decided that everything, including bridesmaid's dresses, would be white and wherever possible, simplicity should be the order of the day- from fonts to flowers.  That sounds easier than it is- keeping things simple is actually an art form in itself amidst all the noise out there in Wedding Land.

Tom's family has an unerring eye for style- his mother is a textile designer/artist, his uncle Niall Sweeney masterminded all the Marriage Equality collateral as well as Jameson's new global rebranding (look out for Niall's arresting hand-painted white linen jacket in the video, which he made in the days leading up to the wedding and wore with Bermuda shorts and statement socks).

And because you're wondering... the menu spotlit classic French country cooking, gluten, dairy and all: foie gras, charcuterie, duck confit, profiteroles and cheese alongside carefully chosen local wines from Cahors. It gave a real flavour for the area and the allure of this remote part of France.

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Main image by Derek Thomson on Unsplash

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