Coffee connoisseurs love this new luxury coffee machine, with smart tech and bespoke brews

With customisable features and a sleek design, Siemens’ new bean-to-cup coffee machine range is perfect for those who want quality, barista-style brews at home.

With lockdown restrictions in place, many cafés and restaurants have closed their doors, leaving us to rely on our own coffee machines at home.

So, many of us have dusted off our old coffeeware and settled for store bought beans, substituting favourite, daily cappuccinos and americanos for sub-par brews.

But coffee lovers shouldn’t have to settle for their morning cup, especially when facing a long day ahead indoors. 


Our favourite morning ritual can be carried out at home by crafting our go-to drinks from the comfort of our kitchen.

Bean-to-cup quality

Siemens’ new range has three machines with single or dual cup systems all of which are fitted with iAroma technology.

This innovative system uses a ceramic grinder, smart water pump, sensoFlow intelligent heater and high-quality brewing unit for a rich, full-bodied brew every time.

The sensoFlow heater and smart water pump work together to ensure a consistent pressure flow and drink temperature, while the grinder and brewing unit extract flavour perfection.

The iAroma technology within the Siemens EQ9 coffee machine

Bespoke simplicity

Carefully controlled, this system allows users to not only craft their favourite barista-style coffee, but allows them to tailor it exactly to their specifications. 

For example, if you are making a cappuccino, you can choose the drink’s strength (with an aromaDouble Shot option) and its temperature too. So you can fully customise your morning brew exactly how you like it. 

Plus, it’s easy to use with an intuitive coffeeSelect display and a fully automatic steam cleaning and optimal hygiene system.

This smart and custom functionality combined with the range’s elegant and modern design makes it the ideal investment for coffee connoisseurs with refined taste.

If you purchase a Siemens bean-to-cup free standing coffee machine before December 31, you can enjoy up to €150 cash back!


The all new range of Siemens EQ fully automatic bean-to-cup coffee machines enhance any premium kitchen surface with their stunning design, elegant display panels and optimal usability. From the entry-level EQ.3 compact models to the fine-tuned, interactive EQ.9, rediscover your love for outstanding coffee and shop the new Siemens EQ range today.

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