Booze-free sundowner: honey and ginger julep

Packed with acrobatic aromatics, vibrant veg and floral fun, these sparkling sunny stunners are designed to create a sense of unwinding relaxation with the garden in full bloom.

Honey and Ginger Julep (Booze-Free)

1 tbsp just-boiled water
8 mint leaves
4 ½ tsp honey
crushed ice
ice-cold ginger beer

silver julep cup or highball

sprig of mint

Mix the freshly boiled water with 2 fresh mint leaves and stir to wilt. Stir in the honey and then remove the mint leaves. Leave to cool completely.


Place 6 fresh mint leaves at the base of a glass. Pack the glass with crushed ice. Pour in the honey syrup, mix and stir fast. Top up with ice-cold ginger beer. Add more ice to top, and stir again before adding a final sprig of mint.*

+ TIPPLE TIP Adding a trickle of bourbon turns this into a naughtier version if you fancy!


Extracted from Fizz: 80 Joyful Cocktails for Every Occasion by Olly Smith (Ebury Press, approx €15).

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