The best gardening Instagram accounts to follow: from practical tips to unadulterated escapism

Instagram is a haven for gardeners of all kinds, whether you're a newbie plant parent or looking for your new favourite Fritillaria. 

If isolation has taught us one thing, it's that those of us who have gardens are extremely fortunate. Your own little patch of green is where you can cultivate beauty, welcome in nature and soothe your soul.

Even the tiniest of gardens can be a haven, but no one ever said gardening was easy. Luckily, Instagram is full of experts to help us with everything from sowing seeds to taking cuttings, as well as giving us plenty of inspiration for our own spaces.

And even if you have no garden of your own, there's also plenty of accounts to follow for some pure, unadulterated escapism.


For practical tips 

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When I lived in New York, I made friends with a lady called Debbie through Craigslist. I was buying a little table from her to make an altar and I left her apartment with a cutting from her mother’s sansevieria plant. I was humbled that she gave me this living heirloom and saw, for the first time, how some new plants could be grown from old. . I’ve always thought it would be incredible to have a whole garden grown from gifted cuttings, seeds handed down from friends and elders and wildflowers that have crept in from outside the periphery. . Today I was given these cuttings of perennial kale on our morning walk from Tess, who we found building a structure for her allotment beans to climb up. Fingers crossed they grow so I can name them after her 🌿🌿🌿 . . . #kale #perennialkale #brassicas #perennialvegetables #marketgardener #foodwastewarrior #organicagriculture #growsomething #growyourownfood #organicgrower #organicgardener #organicproduce #organicfarming #organicvegetables #groworganic #locallysourced #eatlocal #eatorganic #growsomethinggreen #instagreen #verdurouswomen #gardeningforhealth #seasonalproduce #pocinnature

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Claire Ratinon's account is full of advice for anyone who wants to grow their own food, but Claire always delves further than than, exploring our connection with nature and why it's so important for our mental health.

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This morning on Garden Conversations I spoke of two fantastic Viburnums that I got from @altamontplants. The first three pictures are of Viburnum macrocephalum 'Sterile' which is just amazing.... Flowering on almost bare stems its huge! Unfortunately it doesn't produce berries being sterile, but its flowers certainly make up for that. It will get up to 3.5 metres high and wide so will need careful placing in the garden. The second smaller but no less impressive is Viburnum plicatum 'Rotundifolium' which ultimately gets to about 2m. Its flowers are a much purer white colour. Both are quite adaptable and will take sun to semi shade and will grow in most soils, provided they aren't waterlogged. Add some garden compost or well rotted farmyard manure when planting regardless of your soil type and enjoy! Paul @paultsmyth #viburnum #garden #plants #plantsman #paultsmyth #altamontplants #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantsofinstagram #gardenconversations

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We all know Irish gardener Diarmuid Gavin, but what you may not know is that he has an account dedicated to daily Instagram Live conversations about all things gardening, with a range of other gardeners.


Gardening writer Alice Vincent only has a small balcony for her own garden, but she certainly makes the most of it. She has loads of tips to help others achieve similar results.

It might not be the most glamorous of topics, but composting is something that many gardeners struggle to get right, and it's such a great way to garden in a way that's kind to the environment: recycling your garden waste to create fertiliser. This account is full of information on how to get your compost heap thriving.


Based in Northern Ireland, Conrad McCormick is full of great tips and ideas for gardeners. His interests include everything from succulents to building window boxes by hand, so there's sure to be something relevant to even the most inexperienced of gardeners.

For planting inspiration

Irish gardener Jimi Blake shares updates from Huntingbrook Gardens in Wicklow, and spotlights unusual plants to try as well as showing off his beautiful planting combinations.


At just 19 years old, Jack is an Irish gardener that has an impressive talent for growing and photographing stunning blooms. Even if you have no interest in growing them yourself, he's definitely worth a follow for the photos of his stunning floral combinations.

Landcape architect and garden designer Tom Stuart Smith's own garden is particularly beautiful, and is full of ideas for planting combinations and styles, whether or not your space is as large as his.

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If there's a flower that really symbolises the huge difference between truly seasonal, locally grown blooms and imported ones, it's sweet pea. Its beauty is naturally ephemeral (4-5days) and it really dislikes being shipped long distances or roughly handled. Conventional florists have told me how they have to dump up to half of the imported sweet pea flowers that they buy in for weddings as they're just not up to scratch. But if you grow them yourself, you'll have your own plants pumping out armfuls of ultra-fresh deliciously perfumed blooms for months. We sow our first batch in autumn and our second around this time of year, pre-chitting them indoors in a cool room in small sealed containers filled with damp kitchen paper. Once they've sprouted, we'll plant them into trays in the glasshouse for planting outdoors in mid to late spring. #flowersfromtheirishflowerfarmer #seasonalirishcutflowers #planetfriendlyirishflowers #scentedsummerflowers #sweetpea #irishweddingflowers #irishweddingflorist #irishflowerfarmerflorist #ephemeralflowers #themagicifscentedflowers #dsfloral

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Fionnuala Fallon grows stunning flowers for cutting in Wicklow, and she shows just what it's possible to grow in our Irish climate. The stunning bouquets that she creates from her flowers are also to die for.

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Big, blousy and magnificent- ‘Mme Caroline Testout’

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Best known as the host of BBC's Gardener's World, Monty Don posts daily updates of his gardening activities. Not only are his extensive gardens endless sources of inspiration, there's also plenty of great photos of his dogs.

Showing what can be done in a small space, gardener Arthur Parkinson creates flamboyant and colour-filled displays, all in pots. He also keeps chickens in his restricted space, which often feature in his photos alongside his gorgeous flowers.


Renowned gardener Beth Chatto's work is being continued by a great team, and this account provides gorgeous snapshots of the spectacular gardens she created.

Perfect for those always looking out for their next new plant to add to their plot, gardener John Grimshaw mostly posts close up shots of individual plants, identifying their varieties so you can easily source them yourself.

For house plant parents 


Darryl Cheng's account is a really informative resource for anyone who has houseplants, giving advice on everything from watering to light, as well as plenty of information on individual species.

Amsterdam based photographer Janneke Luursema's feed is full of her extensive collection of house plants. It's a great place to pick up ideas on what species to grow, as well as styling inspiration.

Singapore botanical stylist Charles Loh captures gorgeous shots of his home plant collection, as well as his work. His feed is also full of terrariums he makes, so if you're a fan of these gardens in miniature, make sure to give him a follow.


For pure escapism 

Photographers India Hobson and Magnus Edmondson have created this account solely to show incredible shots of plants and nature on their travels around the world. It's guaranteed to have you mentally planning a trip to a far-flung location.

Poet Sean Swallow used to work as a landscape gardener, and you can see his enthusiasm for the natural world through his Instagram posts, that often read like poems about their subjects. An account perfect for reminding us of the natural wonders to be found around us, and giving inspiration for our own gardens.


For gardening inspiration from around the world, head to this account. From Mexican courtyards to French farmhouses, there's endless ideas to be gleaned.

Featured image: Peter Mason via Unsplash

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