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10 of the best planters to brighten up your space, inside and out

by Megan Burns
08th May 2020

Coming into the summer months, make sure your plants are looking their best with these gorgeous planters

Whether you have a large garden, a small patio or balcony, or even just a windowsill, potted plants are an easy way to add life and greenery to a space that can be easily moved around. Although most of our attention usually goes on the plants inside them, choosing planters that are a little out of the ordinary will add interest and style.

Here are 10 great planters that would suit a large variety of spaces.

If you only have a balcony

best planters

If a balcony is the only outdoor area you have to work with, go for a planter that will maximise your limited space. This balcony planter cleverly hooks over the railings, leaving space underneath for more pots, or perhaps a low chair. Bau balcony box, €79, Finnish Design Shop.

To bring a 70s feel

best planters

I don’t know about you, but I love the 70s feel of this brown glaze and patterned design. Also brown is very in right now, so I could definitely see this little pot adorning a stylish shelf. Modelo Geometric stoneware pot, €8, Oliver Bonas. 

If you love geometric shapes

best planters

These angular planters will not only add an edge to your outdoor space, they’re also incredibly lightweight as they’re made from fibreglass. Ideal if you can never decide where your plants would look best. Baloo set of two geometric large fibreglass planters, €159, Made.

If you prefer a vintage look

best planters

We love picking up interiors pieces in second hand and vintage stores, but it’s rare to find pots and planters there. These ones have the gorgeous irregularities that we associate with older items, and their floral pattern is charming too. Aveyron pots from €16, Anthropologie.

For minimalist vibes

best planters

I will always be of the opinion that it’s hard to go wrong with something sleek and black, and this planter is no exception. It would look equally at home in a modern living room as a terracotta-paved patio. Extra-large metal plant pot, €39.99, H&M.

If your plants are on the large side

best planters

If you’re an experienced plant parent, some of your more mature charges might need a generously-sized pot.  These beautiful planters have a gorgeous natural texture, and are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, depending on what plant you choose to put in them. Collect SC44 planter, €237.85, Nest.

If you don’t have much room

If you only have room for a few small pots, make sure they’re as impactful as possible. The deep green of this pot from Arket is beautifully eye-catching, and even comes with a handy saucer. It also comes in mustard, pink and blue. Terracotta flower pot 18 cm, €29, Arket.

If you want something fun

best planters

Not many planters have a humorous side to them, but these ice cream cone-shaped ones will certainly bring a smile to your face. From around €23, Urban Outfitters.

If a windowsill is your only space

best planters

Lightweight and narrow enough to sit on a windowsill, this planter is a great way to add some greenery even when you have limited space. It’s frost and UV light resistant, so it’s safe to leave out all year round. Artstone ‘Claire’ window-box, €18.95, Howbert & Mays.

If you want to add colour 

best planters

This pot will add colour to your outdoor space, whether or not any of your plants are in flower. We also love its distinctly Mediterranean vibes. Yellow flowerpot, €19.99, Zara Home.

Featured image: Arket

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