Stop What You're Doing And Ogle These Insanely Gorgeous Diamond Rings

You know you've got a problem/may need actual help, when you feel yourself flooding with dopamine and serotonin when presented with a web page filled with twinkling, sparkling, diamond rings. Though you might just be window shopping, we strongly recommend it as a form of therapy. It's up there with eating chocolate, hugging and making love, surely. We've just stumbled upon a bridal brand whose dresses need to be viewed by appointment, but whose jewellery is presented in the most beautiful way online, for your perusal. Mociun is a New York based brand (from California-born designer Caitlin Mociun) and their stuff is incredibly beautiful. Particularly appealing to the alt-bride, here you've got a refreshing, yet still an incredibly classy alternative to the standard solitaire engagement ring. What's more, you need not be getting married to wear one, there's myriad choice of style. Expect antique diamonds, one-of-a-kind cluster rings, bi-colour sapphires and more.

Browse the extensive online collection here.

We've died and gone to diamond heaven, have you?


Lovers of the brand who do happen to be getting hitched will be thrilled to learn that jewellery is only the latest branch of Caitlin Mociun's brand; she runs a successful bridal collection - Mociun White - that's been featured in the New York Times and Vogue.

Be still our beating hearts.


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