This Instagram Page Is Styling Your Favourite TV Heroines In Haute Couture

Hands up if you love a movie shopping montage? The iconic Pretty Woman, Marie Antoinette, that bit in the Sex and The City movie where SJP is throwing out her clothes to move into her new apartment and they all sit on the bed and rate her outfits, scenes as delightfully and unashamedly stereotypically feminine as millenial pink. Or Anne Hathway's fashion make-over in The Devil Wears Prada to a backing track of Madonna's Vogue - it's the stuff of fashion dreams.

Thumbs down if your heart breaks to see your favourite fashion heroines dressed drastically. Wasn't it so very sad when Bridget Jones arrived at Mark D'arcy's Law Council Ball in that tragic yellow dress with blusher all over her face and stood up during the table quiz to say that Madonna's first UK single was Lucky Star when in fact, as Rebecca Gillies correctly answered, was Holiday? Didn't you just wish for one god damn scene she could have looked nice?

The latest Instagram account to delight our moments of fashion escapism comes from?illustrator and designer Benjamin Siedler's genius high fashion film makeovers.


The illustrator has taken all your most beloved tv and movie heroines and dressed them in haute couture.

Bridget Jones is remade from bunny to?Balmain,?Bridesmaids'don Balenciaga, Clueless' Cher and Dionne would definitely have worn Chanel and Alexander Wang athleisure-wear and?Mean Girls' Regina George wears Dior's 'We Should All Be Feminists' t-shirt with the caption, 'We only carry sizes one, three and Dior'. This account alone is enough reason for Instagram to exist.

Elle Woods would absolutely have worn this YSL dream if she was on Instagram in 2017.


Petition for Bridget Jones to be remade and for her to wear embellished Balmain to the Law Council Ball.

Hannah and Mimi Rose in Loewe.


Mother of Prada.

Bend it like D&G.


I want to be Gucci Black Swan when I grow up.

Cersei Lannister in Balmain isn't even the peak of this Insta account.

Naturally, it peaks here.


You're goddamn welcome.

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