Darren Kennedy: Help My Style

If there's one man we turn to in Ireland when it comes to all things style, it's Darren Kennedy. Whether he's blogging about the latest seasonal trends, or talking through top tips on TV, Darren is a multimedia sartorial virtuoso. Makes perfect sense, then, that he'd launch his very own Youtube style channel, providing a full 360 approach to what Darren does best.

The primary focus of this new channel is menswear, grooming and style. Ever wondered how Darren perfects that signature quiff of his? Turns out, it's easy as A-B-C, and there's a video in store on that very topic next week.

Not only will fans of Darren's work get exclusive content created for Youtube, you'll also get some behind-the-scenes treats from his various projects, among which the BAFTAs red carpet masterclass or this weekend's IMAGE Business of Beauty awards are included.

Darren took a moment from his hectic schedule to give us a taster of what's in store. Stay tuned for more!

What kind of person is going to want to follow your Youtube channel?
Anyone who gets dressed on a regular basis! ;-) Genuinely, whether you're a guy who enjoys his threads or a lady who enjoys shopping for her other half, then I think you'll really like the channel. They're short, snappy videos that showcase what's happening on the highstreet and how I'm wearing the pieces I've picked up. It's nothing complicated and most importantly it's a bit of craic - fashion isn't saving lives, so there's no reason to get all serious about it!


Excellent point. What can people get with your channel that they won't get elsewhere?
For me, style is such a personal thing. It's an aesthetic and no two people see things the same way. But it also brings a very definite Irish approach to style. And menswear, of course. It's an area where I think we're seriously lacking good, home-produced content.

You're an inspiration to many others, but who are your own style heroes?
Why thank you *blushes*... I've been lucky to meet one of my style icons a couple of times and he hasn't disappointed - Mr Tom Ford. I love his aesthetic, his approach to style, his brand and his business. He's not afraid to take risks, be it directing a movie or shooting a campaign, and is very definite about what he has to offer.



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