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Heartbreak, reviews and women’s bodies: the top 10 most read articles on in 2019

by Erin Lindsay
31st Dec 2019

As 2019 draws to a close, we’re looking back at the year that was — here on, we talked about a wide variety of topics, and you guys listened with open ears. Here are our most popular posts of 2019

When you take a look back at 2019, what do you remember talking about? What caught your eye, what got you thinking, and which articles made you laugh and cry more than any other? Here at IMAGE, 2019 was a big year, and one where we discussed many important, and often difficult, issues.

You responded in your droves, and let us know which topics you wanted to hear more about. From women’s health, to the meaning of life, to the fun stuff like movies and food, here are our most-read pieces of 2019

25 empowering movies that’ll make you proud to be a woman

Our top read story this year? A fun list of empowering movies that bring out our inner sense of sisterhood. These 25 movies, ranging in subject matter from fashion to family to music to sport, all have one thing in common — they feature a cast of powerful female characters that make us proud to stand alongside them. P.S: this list is still perfect for a Christmas break movie binge.

‘Do not ignore this’: Vicky Phelan urges women to listen to their bodies

If ever there was a name that was the woman of 2019, it would be Vicky Phelan. Utterly determined and powerful in the face of the adversity of her cancer diagnosis, Vicky Phelan has spent the last year campaigning for a reform of the Irish health service, to ensure that the systemic mistakes that led to her false-negative reading for cervical cancer will never happen to another woman. In January, Vicky went on Twitter to encourage women to listen to their bodies when something feels wrong — a lesson we can all get behind.

20 of Dublin’s best cheap eats


Dublin city is full to bursting with amazing foodie options, and with many of them being super reasonable, there’s no reason not to try each and every one in 2020. What are the ones we’ve missed?


Hit me up: I slept with my sister’s husband and feel awful

If there’s something the Irish love, it’s a good gossip, and this scandalous problem turned up in our 2019 top ten for just that reason. ‘Torn’ from Munster has been through a lot this year, and when her brother-in-law made a point of reaching out and being there for her, emotions ran high. Now, she’s wondering where to go from here.

‘I will end my life in two days time … my overriding emotion is one of relief’

In September, a Scottish man called Richard Shelley brought to attention the issue of assisted death, and why his country Scotland’s laws on the matter are “cruel, outdated and discriminatory”. Richard suffered with MND, and had gotten to the point where he could no longer swallow or move around freely, and was travelling to Switzerland to end his life with Dignitas.

Jenny Taaffe, lessons from my cancer diagnosis: ‘I am going to enjoy every second of my life from now on’

One of the things we are most proud of here at IMAGE are the connections we make with amazing women around Ireland. One such woman, Jenny Taaffe, was an IMAGE Businesswoman of the Year winner, and a brilliant entrepreneur, mother, wife and friend. Jenny sadly passed away from pancreatic cancer earlier this year, and this piece, as told to Amanda Cassidy, was written months before, about Jenny’s incredible attitude to life after her diagnosis.

To all those who are convinced Meghan Markle is pregnant again…

No one knows the trials and tribulations of life in the public eye better than the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle. This year, with the birth of her son Archie, Markle has been subject to incredible abuse on social media and in British tabloids, and even more so when the public became convinced she was pregnant again. Here, Amanda Cassidy dives into the discourse behind Markle’s role in the royal family.

How my hair changed when I came off the pill


As the years go on, we’re learning more and more about how different contraception methods affect our bodies over time. Here, beauty writer Aisling Keenan takes a look at how her hair fared after years on the contraceptive pill, and what we should look out for when on long-term contraception.

These are the top 25 TRUE CRIME podcasts out right now

2019 was truly the year of the podcast, and everyone and their mother seemed to be getting in on the commute-brightening action. One genre we find more addictive than any other is true crime, from Netflix to books, and especially with podcasts. This countdown of our favourite 25 series are perfect to enjoy over the Christmas break.

Seven must-try hidden gems for your next lunch in Dublin

If your New Year’s Resolution is to enjoy your city more, then you’re in luck — in 2019, our food expert Ali Dunworth curated a list of seven must-try hidden gems in Dublin city to test your taste buds. There’s something to suit every palate, and double points if you can hit every one on the list in January alone.

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