Interview process taking forever? Here are ways to survive it

Struggling through rounds and rounds of interviews? Here's how to survive interview after interview for the same job. 

I previously wrote about why long interview processes are not a great way to assess candidates, but unfortunately, that isn’t much good to you if you are in the middle of one. Here’s how to keep yourself going through the seemingly never-ending “tell me about yourself process”. 

The key to getting through rounds after rounds of interviews for the same role is to remain fresh, according to Maureen Lynch, Director at Hays Ireland.

“Prepare for every interview stage like it’s the first stage," she says. "Don’t take any of the stages for granted."


"Even if you have been asked the same or similar question previously, respond with the same enthusiasm and detail.”


While it can be hard to keep motivating yourself, it is important to remember that the more interviews you get, the further along in the process you are moving and the more likely it is you will get the job. As a result of this, each interview is more important than the last - even if they seem more informal.

“If a candidate has been invited for a coffee or final meeting with the CEO/head of department and is told that it’s just an informality and they would like to 'say hello', do not underestimate this or take it that the deal is done," says Maureen.

"Be as fully prepared and enthusiastic as if it were the first interview stage. If this is the right position and organisation that will support the candidate’s career goals, it will be worth it."

Repeating yourself

Often people in the middle of interviews for the same job feel like they are constantly repeating themselves but this can be unavoidable. While you might feel you are saying the same thing over and thing, the likelihood is that you are meeting someone new each time who has not heard your take on it before.


It is likely that if a company is doing several interviews rounds, then it is for a senior position and they feel they must be careful to make the right decision. Recruitment platform Glassdoor found that job application processes for entry-level jobs, but hiring decisions for senior-level executive roles can go on for two months or more.

Longer job interview processes can be very stressful for candidates but if it is a role you really want, then you must stick it through.

“Candidates must put their best foot forward every time and not allow complacency to kick in," advises Maureen.

"What might help to ensure candidates remain enthusiastic, is to spend time considering different examples/situations they can use to answer similar questions. It’s very important that candidates always give the best example of their work, and experiences to demonstrate their ability to do this job.” 


Longer job interview processes can be very stressful for candidates but if it is a role you really want, then you must stick it through.

Short-term pain will be worth it for long-term gain.   


Photograph: Screenshot from "The Internship"

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