Poppi & Pearl is the best, affordable perfume brand to gift this Christmas

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There is no relationship more sacred than that between a woman and her fragrance. It may take years to find the perfect fit, but once 'the one' has been found, it is a relationship that is nurtured and cherished for years. For that reason, the gifting of a perfume can be the beginning a lifetime affair.

Poppi & Pearl is an Irish brand that specialises in all things fragrance – but at a fraction of price. Poppi & Pearl fragrances give you luxury in a bottle, without having to break the bank; making this the most exciting new launch of the season.

The fragrances are priced at €14.95 each and Poppi & Pearl has just launched into pharmacies nationwide. You are guaranteed to find the perfect match in the extensive eight-piece collection (the only tough part is deciding which one is made for you).

Lime Basil & Mandarin




Lime, basil and mandarin is an iconic combination of citrus and herb notes for a fresh scent, with a touch of sweet orange hints.


This scent will suit everyone and is fresh, light and easy; which means it can be worn all year round.

Nectarine Blossom & Honey


The perfect amount of sweet blended with a beautiful citrus tang, meaning it is a universal scent.

Wood Sage & Sea Salt

For those who prefer a muskier scent, this beauty is a blend of herbs and the seaside.



An iconic scent, this reimagined version is perfect for night time.

Velvet Rose & Oud

A mix of floral tones and woody hints, this scent is sexy and feminine all at once.

Blackberry & Bay

Perfect for this time of year, this is a rich and fruity scent which still manages to be easy to wear.


White Jasmine & Mint

A gorgeous scent with a hint of fresh mint to help you skip through your busy day.

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