The Irish Instagrammers making beauty look good

Irish Instagrammers are a talented lot, but these three women take the most incredible photos of their beauty products, making everything look Insta-perfect...

Get ready, you're about to read between the lines and sense my jealousy at the skills of these women. I can't hide it - I am in awe at their visual abilities. They make beauty products look elegant, stylish, fun, edgy... all the things I struggle with, to be honest.

Simone Scribes



There's a certain mystery about Simone's imagery that haunts me, and that is this: How, HOW, does she have such an aesthetically pleasing home in which to shoot all these pictures? My house will never look like that no matter how long I spend decorating. I would also like to know how she manages to find the natural light in absolutely every place she goes - great lighting leads to a great photo after all. Her feed is absolutely drool-worthy and if I was a beauty brand, I'd send her everything I stocked in the hopes she'd snap it.

Lilo Forberg



Admittedly, Lili's photography of late has been mostly food but whenever she does take pictures of beauty products, they're instantly added to my wishlist. Lili is an Irish photographer who has worked for pretty much any publication you can name at one point. She's a bona fide influencer now, thanks in no small part to the fact that she can make the most simple things look incredible with her eye for detail in her imagery.

Karen Constantine



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Karen is a beauty influencer and blogger with over 50,000 followers (all of whom adore her) and what makes her stand out in the beauty blogging world is her stunning imagery. She puts so much effort and passion into her pictures and has a "vision" for most products that land on her desk, which she executes to perfection. The combination of beautiful pics and expert advice is what keeps her followers in thrall.

Photography by @SimoneScribes. 


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