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The beauty models to follow on Instagram

by Aisling Keenan
23rd Sep 2019

Beauty models are a very special type of model. They’re faced with the need to be always ready for a HD close-up, and have a different set of requirements than for fashion models. Here are some of the best in the business.

If ever I’m putting together a beauty shoot, I immediately go to Instagram. Years ago, I would’ve asked the modelling agencies for their ‘best beauty girls’. This would’ve resulted in me receiving a selection of images to go through, not with fashion in mind, but specifically beauty.

A ‘beauty girl’ will have a different set of requirements from a fashion model. Either thick, long and malleable hair or else entirely unique hair (a tight cut, à la Iesha below). Big brows, as is the trend right now. Symmetry in the face, particularly lips and eyes. Immaculate skin and if possible, really lovely natural nails.

It’s a big ask, absolutely. And while there could always be more diversity, the easiest way nowadays to find a truly different beauty model is to go to their Instagram – so much so that all the model agents now link their models’ pages to their personal Instagram accounts. Here are some of my favourite faces to watch.

Sandra Kaczorovaska

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A post shared by Sandra Kaczorowska (@sandrakaczorovska) on

Moya Palk

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A post shared by Moya P (@_moyap_) on

Millie Rose Loggie

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A post shared by Millie Rose (@millieroseloggie) on

Iesha Hodges

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A post shared by IESHA (@ieshahodgesofficial) on

Kirra Jones


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A post shared by Kirra Jones (@kiirrajones) on

Eden Fines

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Photograhy by Jason Lloyd Evans.

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