How To Get Chrissy Teigen's Bronzed Goddess Glow

Serving as a spokesperson for Tresemee's Beauty Full Volume line, Chrissy Teigen's been pretty generous with her beauty secrets, her lazy day life hacks and the secrets behind her bronzed goddess glow (among which being beautiful, being happy and being pregnant are probably included). In an interview with Byrdie Beauty, the model turned social media superstar name-dropped some of her all time favourite beauty products.

"Hourglass makes really good highlighters, and Charlotte Tilbury's Filmstar Bronze & Glow is amazing?they have a darker one now, too. Cream palettes are never really that great on me. I like to keep everything really simple. Product-wise, I'm kind of very bare with it. I'm sent so much that I have to filter everything out that I don't love, and I just try to keep this little kit with the things I do love. I have, like, 8000 eyelash curlers and only one that I use. I'm very loyal to the products that I use and love."


On her pending arrival and the beauty advice she hopes to pass down to her daughter, Chrissy says: "I'm sure she wouldn't listen because she'll be just like me [laughs]. My number one mistake was eyebrows, always. I always overdid the eyebrow. I over-plucked?I can't believe they ever came back. When I moved from Washington to Huntington Beach, I felt this need to keep up and everyone had makeup and things were just very different. In Washington, we didn't care about that kind of thing, and then I moved and everyone was really put together. For some reason, for me, that meant taking off all my eyebrows! But I really hope she maintains her natural beauty, which I think is something that is kind of cooler now. For me, to see that girl who is so comfortable and effortless looking? I love that look."


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Read the full interview here.

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