Future Icon: The waterproof mascara that didn't budge through a river of tears

Expecting some tears to fall? Or do you just need your mascara to be as reliable on your face as your features themselves? I road-tested a waterproof mascara this weekend and it played a blinder...

I am not much of a crier. In fact, I would call myself a reformed crier. I used to cry, a lot, and then I realised it wasn't serving me so I decided to just stop. I shed maybe one tear on my wedding day, I didn't cry when Simba found Mufasa after the herd of wildebeest got him and the last time an actual river of tears flowed was, I think, in 2009.

But this past weekend, I cried a lot. Stage five, could-cause-the-sea-levels-to-rise-again sort of crying. I won't get into the reason, but I will tell you that I put this waterproof mascara to the test.

It passed, with flying colours


For hours, I wailed. I wiped at my eyes repeatedly with tissue. I rubbed my eyes. I was fully sure I'd retreat to the bathroom to find two giant pandas making a home for themselves on my cheeks but alas, not a bit of it. I was confused at first - had I even put mascara ON that morning? Did I have mascara-less falsies on? No and no, as it turned out.

I had used this - L'Oréal Paris' Paradise Extatic mascara. I have serious issues with the name (that's absolutely NOT how you spell ecstatic) but aside from that? It passed the ultimate test. Not one single visible bit of mascara left my lashes all day.
waterproof mascara

L'Oréal Paris Paradise Extatic Waterproof Mascara

€14.39 from FeelUnique.com

More than just waterproof

Let's be honest here, you can't just have a mascara that doesn't budge but is below par everywhere else you need it to perform. There are a few other reasons this will be my future waterproof mascara of choice:

  • It's got a super brush - the size, the bristles, the softness all lend themselves well to great application
  • The formula is kind to eyes, in spite of being so brilliantly waterproof
  • Shockingly, it's easy to remove with make-up remover or an oil cleanser - the same can not be said for other waterproof mascaras I've tried
  • It gives great volume and fullness where other waterproofs can lack

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