What fragrance does a perfumer wear on their wedding day?

Kilian Hennessey, creator of BY KILIAN fragrances, Meabh McCurtin, creator of Cloon Keen Atelier’s Roisin Dubh and niche perfumery Parfumarija’s creative director Marija Aslimoska tell HOLLY O’NEILL how a perfumer chooses a fragrance for their wedding day.

Taste of Heaven By Kilian Absinthe Verte

On our wedding day, I wore the scent I was wearing when I met Elisabeth: A Taste of Heaven By Kilian Absinthe Verte, one of the six scents I released when I launched my brand in 2007. The scent is built on an overdose of lavender absolute from France and vanilla absolute from Madagascar on a classic masculine Fougère structure. It was perfect for a wedding: elegant yet sexy. My wife wore a bespoke perfume I created for her built almost exclusively on tuberose with hints of jasmine and daffodil.” Kilian Hennessey

Frederic Malle Portrait of a Lady by Dominique Ropion


“I’m not married myself but if I were getting married I would choose wither Portrait of a Lady, created by Dominique Roupion for Frederic Malle or Soir de Lune by Sisley. Both are statement chypres which have an amazing sillage and last for hours. When I wear those perfumes I feel elegant and confident, so I think for a wedding day they would be ideal. If I wanted to go for something more low key I would choose Chanel No 19 Poudre or La Pausa. The powdery iris in both is so chic you can’t overdo it. You can spray as much as you want without it becoming overwhelming. For those fragrances I might also apply the body cream to have that extra long-lasting effect and dab some behind my ears so that when I’m greeting people it’s there. If I decided to go with one of my own creations then I would use it as a theme for the wedding and make scented candles, a room spray and maybe something fun like scented bubbles. If I was going to wear a vintage style wedding dress then I’d go for Teint de Neige by Villoresi. It’s so powdery and soft and is elegant in a nostalgic way, when I put it in I feel like I’m in the 1920’s.” Meabh McCurtin

“I am married and that smell forever brings me back to that very day. It’s a secret what I wore but I will tell you that I wore it only that day, and that day only. Never again.” Marija Aslimoska

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