Dr Jane Mulrooney of Seavite on the best treatment for Irish skin

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Doctor Jane Mulrooney is Co-Founder of the  Doctor Mulrooney Clinic and co-owner of Seavite. Here, she answers all our skincare questions and divulges some industry secrets. 

Hi Jane! Tell us about your morning skincare routine
I do very little as I'm time poor and as I have severe Rosacea so "less is more" for me. I wash my eyes with La Roche Posay gentle eye makeup remover. I follow with Seavite serum which I use all over face but also use as an eye contour serum. I follow with Seavite face cream to lock in moisture from the serum. I then wait 10 minutes and apply Neostrata chemical free physical sunblock SPF 50. I find this excellent for rosacea-prone skin as it contains no chemical SPF and also has a slightly creamy yellow colour which masks redness.
And what about at night time? 
I double cleanse with Seavite cleanser. The first cleanse removes makeup and sunblock and the second cleanse cleanses the skin. I always use this cleanser with a muslin cloth (the Seavite Super Nutrient Comfort Cleanser comes with a beautiful muslin cloth). Follow with Seavite serum and face cream and then I wait 10 minutes and apply tretinoin cream 0.05% which I dilute with Seavite serum on a 1:1 dilution. I only use tretinoin cream twice a week as that's all my skin will tolerate.
You have five minutes to get ready, what products do you use? 
I would start with SPF 50 Heliocare sun touch (this is a full SPF 50 but has a subtle tone and medium coverage so acts as a foundation). I would follow with an Armani bronzer in number 7, then Marks and Spenser blush in Coral from the Autograph collection. On my eyes I would use the Sophisticate Palate from Charlotte Tilbury and Benefit 'They're Real' mascara. And finally I would pop some Nars lip liner in Fantasia and Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in Sexy Sienna on my lips.

Super Nutrient Radiance Face Serum €57.50, Super Nutrient Sotting and Replenishing Face Cream €47.50
You have worked in Irish skincare for a long time, what is the greatest mistake you see Irish women make?
That they don't consult with a cosmetic doctor to assess their skin type and get a prescriptive skincare regime. This will save a lot of time, expense and "bad skin days".
Your skin is beautiful, can you divulge your skincare secrets?
The reality is that there are no secrets in skincare. Recognise that we all have different skin types so what works for your friend may not work for you. With that in mind, see a cosmetic dermatologist earlier rather than later to figure out what's right for you. And also...
1) Stay away from the sun - SPF 50 all the way.
2) Avoid perfume and colour in skincare products
3) Use Vitamin A on prescription - it's more potent than anything over the counter.
What are your absolute favourite skincare products? 
1) Seavite - it is perfect for my rosacea prone skin
2) Neostrata and Heliocare SPF
3) Tretinoin cream 0.05% - this product isn't fancy but it works.
Ok, so we have our skin sorted. Any makeup you recommend? 
Charlotte Tilbury's Sophisticate Eye Palate, Benefit's 'They're real' mascara and Armani's bronzer.
And finally, what is one skincare tip you wish everyone would follow?
If you are Type I Fitzpatrick skin type (fair Irish skin that burns) never tan your face. If sun damage has already happened, there is a fabulous treatment I recommend at theDr. Mulrooney Clinic; IPL laser. IPL laser removes signs of sun damage including red veins and brown spots and restores skin luminosity. One session a month for 6 months will make a hugely significant difference.
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