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Ladies, I have finally found the perfect pair of jeans and they cost €44

by Edaein OConnell
09th Aug 2020

As women, we are forever searching for the perfect jeans and this IMAGE writer believes she may have just found them 

Moving back to my childhood home during the pandemic has taught me three things.

One is I’m a sucker for home comforts. Two is I quite enjoy the silence of agrarian life. Three is that I had left my best items of clothing in Kerry while inhabiting Dublin.

On my reintroduction to family life, my mother instructed me to do a clear-out.

The clear-out was a failure. I wanted to keep everything. Each item picked up felt like being reunited with a first love. My insatiable hunger to buy the new and the fresh meant I had forgotten the diamonds that lay behind the stickered doors of my white wardrobe.

And one of these hidden gems was a pair of jeans.


Most of the time, I despise jeans. Some call them a woman’s best friend. I call them a modern-day corset of suffocation.

Throughout the tumultuous years of my teens, they made me cry.

During my early years of adulthood, they made me weep.

My bum was too big, yet my waist was too small. One look down the gaping black hole left at my midriff could suck you into a vortex of broken denim dreams.

Sizing down to fix this problem made it worse. Very few made it past my knees.

Then there are the issues with bending, eating, drinking, peeing and breathing.

Those with fashion experience always talk of the moment you find the one. When the fit is so perfect that all the jagged lines of your being mesh with the other, and the perfect symmetry of it is breathtaking.

ASOS Farleigh jeans

This  is how I felt when I rediscovered the ASOS ‘Farleigh’ jeans stuck down the side of a drawer.

I had bought them in the summer of 2017. In the months previous, I dived head-first into an unsustainable exercise and diet regime. Stupidly, I purchased the jeans a size smaller than I was. They were the slice of chocolate cake that hung over my head as I ran on the treadmill.

They were the fairytale ending to my journey.

However, buying clothes in a smaller size is a technique that never works. Excuses and life got in the way, and the jeans never made it past my ankles.

Three years later, following a lifestyle overhaul, I fit into the jeans. While it felt great that I had accomplished a three-year goal, I was more excited about the fashion miracle occurring before my eyes.



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The jeans were impeccable. Tight on the waist but comfortable on the hips. The denim had stretch but not enough for them to lose shape.

I was free to bend and lunge and breathe without any problems.


The jeans are described as high-waisted slim mom jeans. The word ‘slim’ is key here. Mom jeans are synonymous with a wide and almost tapered leg. Although flattering from a distance, up close and on the body is a different story. Traditional mom jeans add space in places where it is not needed. A billowing effect is created, which defines the crotch in the shape of a camel’s hoof.

They are body-skimming yet refuse to reside in the land of skinny jeans. I don’t feel confined wearing them, but they still hold and lift where I want and need it.

Plus, the price point is incredible, with the jeans currently retailing for €44. They come in a range of different washes and are also available in the petite, tall and curve collections.

ASOS Design recycled Farleigh high waist slim mom jeans, €44.24

Through this sartorial spiritual awakening, I remembered I had owned another pair of Farleigh jeans that I had misplaced in the years previous. I wore and wore them until the tags disintegrated, but the shape and pull of the denim never did.

The hunt now begins for the lost pair.

Because readers, I thought I would never say it, but these jeans are perfect.

ASOS Design curve recycled Farleigh jeans, €44.24

ASOS Design Farleigh jeans in washed black, €44.24

ASOS Design petite Farleigh jeans, €44.24

Image: Jason Llyod Evans 

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