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Why Dita Von Teese Won’t Ever Wear ?Normal? Make-Up

by Jennifer McShane
16th Nov 2015

Burlesque star Dita Von Teese is the ultimate modern Femme Fatale. Her signature beauty look of ethereal skin and trademark red lipstick (which we’ll soon be able to buy ourselves) is synonymous with her glamorous persona, but the brand ambassador and author revealed that this isn’t necessarily a ?normal? look; she has to work on this now-perfected beauty routine. This is surely encouraging for those of us who don’t ever wish to adhere to society’s frequently changing standards of what’s ?normal,? when it comes to our make-up – one should always simply choose to wear whatever makes them feel happy and confident.

And it is for this reason that Von Teese never wants to look like anyone other than herself. She told The Cut recently that she thinks ‘natural’ make-up, for starters, is much more effort. “On my normal day, I always put my hair in a neat twist, which takes me seconds. I always put on a sweep of face powder and red lipstick, which takes me mere minutes. I could do it in five minutes if I had to. If I do more steps, it can go from five to 15 to 30 minutes for a red carpet.”

She proves her point once a year, at Halloween, when she dresses up as a ‘normal’ girl (which there is obviously nothing wrong with), but even this makes her uncomfortable, as she feels awkward not being true to herself. “Even my friends don’t recognise me. It’s fun and funny, but it’s too much work. I have to have Arlt [her makeup artist] do my make-up, and he does what he calls the Victoria Beckham on me. I have to take off all my red nail polish and everything since I can’t go through the drama and then be seen later with beige nails.”

Dita sporting her 'natural' make-up
Dita sporting her ‘natural’ make-up

And her confidence doesn’t just take a knock; she dislikes the attention as a result of her “strange” look. “It’s totally different. Strange men try and approach me. It’s really weird washing off all the beige. It is so much make-up with all of the highlighter, bronzer, and gloss. I can’t bear it. It’s so hard to wash off. A matte-red lipstick is so much easier to wash off.”

She?is all about embracing your individuality, and what could be more positive? Be yourself; do whatever makes you feel good and if you want to channel your inner Von Teese, nab a tube of her fabulous red lipstick.

Via The Cut