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Skin myths busted: From toothpaste to eye cream, all the things you thought you knew

by Aisling Keenan
01st May 2019

Skin health is a hotter than any hot beauty topic right now, so we’ve asked IMAGE Beauty Festival speaker – and skin guru – Jennifer Rock aka The Skin Nerd – to help us bust some of the longstanding skin myths

Myth no.1: You absolutely must use eye cream


While yes, good skincare is essential to keeping your eye area wrinkle-free for longer, they’re not absolutely essential in a good skincare routine if you need to pare back on spending.

Eye creams often say they have been formulated ‘specially’ for the thin, sensitive skin around the eyes, but there’s really no miracle cure product. A well-rounded skincare routine is a much better way to focus.

Myth no.2: Toothpaste works as a fantastic spot cream


“No. No, no, no, no,” says Jennifer Rock. The reason this myth still does the rounds is because an antibacterial ingredient called triclosan used to be found in every toothpaste going.

It is this antibacterial ingredient that would have had any effect on breakouts, but even back then, toothpastes included SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate, the drying sulphate that is best to avoid in large doses) and abrasive ingredients designed to polish the surface of your teeth.

Overall, the negatives outweighed the positives even while triclosan was in toothpaste.

Myth no.3: You must rinse your skin with hot water to properly cleanse


Many top facialists recommend nothing more than slightly warm water to rinse your cleanser or mask, with French brand Biologique Recherche going so far as to use cold water during their facials.

Anything hot or even lukewarm can lead to broken capillaries and general skin aggravation.

Myth no.4: Pores can open and close


Jennifer Rock says: “At some point in your existence, you have probably heard that facial steaming and then going in on your blackheads is the path to clear skin as warmth ‘opens’ your pores.”

“The fact of the matter is that pores ain’t doors and they do not ‘open’, nor do they close. Most things within our body that open or close are operated by muscle.”

“Unfortunately, our pores aren’t as complex as this, being openings that lead to hair follicles and allow us to perform the process of excretion.”

IMAGE Beauty Festival

The IMAGE Beauty Festival is coming this month! On May 25, don’t miss Jennifer Rock aka The Skin Nerd deliver her top skin commandments. The award-winning skin lecturer and multi-award winning facialist will advise on the best products to suit various skin types and answer any pressing skin concerns.

Buy your day pass (€45) now

Beauty tips, free masterclasses, goodie bag worth over €100, complimentary hair and beauty treatments, live DJ … all for €45.

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