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The Foreo Cleanser is the newest ‘must-have’ beauty tool, but do you need it?

by Hannah Hillyer
03rd Nov 2018

On first seeing the Foreo cleansing brush, a small vibrating gadget for washing your face, it looks a bit, eh…suspicious. With some of the gadgets dubbed ‘Luna Play’ you would be forgiven for thinking this was not for washing your face. But, as a skincare enthusiast I dutifully charged it at my desk ready to use when I got home. My housemate was also dubious until we both put it to the test and were instantly converted.

Having seen this lots online, Trinny Woodall is a massive fan, I wasn’t really tempted by the Foreo. Then, with it launching in Arnotts’ new Beauty Hub it seemed a good time to try it. It’s been compared a lot to the Clarisonic which is a product that never interested me. It always seemed too harsh for my acne prone skin as well as unhygienic. For those unfamiliar, the Clarisonic is quite like a large electric toothbrush with the bristles getting deep down into pores for a thorough clean.

The Foreo has no brush head, instead it has lots of silicone bristles built into the device that are easily cleaned after every use with hot, soapy water. These bristles also don’t rotate and are incredibly soft on the skin, instead they vibrate very gently and you are fully in control of moving it around the face. You can also buy different ones for different skin types, I used the Luna 2 for sensitive skin. As the bristles are built in there is no need to buy replacement brush heads so there is only one purchase here.

As someone who doesn’t use physical exfoliators, I find them far too harsh, I stick to acid exfoliators and use a hot flannel to remove my cleanser, I wasn’t sure how I’d get on with this.. The Foreo didn’t feel harsh at all and gently removed any dead skin, leaving my skin smooth and soft. Not only that, but the vibrating of the brush brings all the blood to the surface of the skin which is great for your circulation. After using, this had the best effect leaving my skin feeling plumped up and fresh.

Before using I was definitely a sceptic, but it has since become a part of my everyday routine. I use it 60 seconds morning and night and have seen great results in both the texture and brightness of my skin. It has a hefty price tag at €199.oo in Arnotts and I would not say it is an essential must have. If you love trying new beauty tech and worship the Clarisonic I would definitely give this a try. Just make sure to tell your housemate what it is before you leave it lying around, ok?