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Blonde is the hair colour of lockdown reopening

by Holly O'Neill
26th Jun 2020

Blonde is back

Did you even experience true tedium during quarantine if you didn’t engage in the transformative power of marshmallow pink hair? Deep ennui created a legion of celebrities who redesigned their entire self around My Little Pony and if you were among them, you know that like any dramatic hair metamorphosis, it is a symbol that a great change has occurred. Pink is the colour your dye your hair to regain control when you’ve had a shift in perspective or changed routine in life.

Having been down the pink path a few years ago, I held back from the bottle gathering dust in my cabinet even though pandemic panic and that Juergen Teller shot of Kate Moss with her dirty pink hair splayed on the bed permeated my every wandering thought. Instead, like many, I began grappling with the first confusing feelings of wanting a fringe (Marianne’s fringe was robbed with the hype of Connell’s chain) and to dye my hair red (I put that down to the Samantha Barry documentary).

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Is there a greater example of a frazzled state of mind than a woman on the verge of cutting her own hair? It’s that old, on-screen trope – think Hannah Horvath in Girls, Sally Draper in Mad Men. On-screen, we are cutting our own hair as a sign of great, inner psychological turmoil, or we are about to embark on a new journey in life (Amy Dunne in Gone Girl, June in The Handmaid’s Tale).

There is another trope that represents a dramatic change in life. It is, of course, a woman on the verge of bleaching her own hair. Once again, the celebrities are bringing their feelings out through their hair. As the world begins to reopen, we’ve made the switch from pink, to blonde. If you’ve been drawn to blonde before, you know it’s impossible to let go of once your heart has taken hold of it. Blonde is a clean slate, it’s a purge of all former traits. It requires a new wardrobe, new make-up and a new state of mind. I guess, that’s where Emily Ratajkowsi, Kaia Gerber and Kylie Jenner are at right now.


Forever brunette Emily Ratajkowski debuted her fresh Draco Malfoy blonde on Instagram, created with Kérastase, for whom she is an ambassador. She’ll be relying on the Blond Absolu range, an absolute staple in the routine of any blonde, and Kérastase has also announced Ratajkowski will be the new face of the Blond Absolu campaign debuting January 2021.


Kylie Jenner has also emerged bright blonde, albeit with a Beyani Hair wig by celebrity hairdresser and wigmaker Tokyo Stylez. Kaia Gerber has been photographed with gradually blonder and blonder hair, from at-home highlights back in April, using hydrogen peroxide, to the much brighter hair she was spotted wearing in Malibu, above.

Are you thinking about it? I know, the allure of blonde is hard to shake off. Take it from me. I guarantee you, none of these celebrities did a DIY job with a YouTube tutorial. We’re almost there. We all have bad hair at the moment. Stick a hair mask in and wait for the day when your hairdresser will be awaiting you with open arms and the professional tools and skill required to give you your great hair back.

Photography by Kérastase.

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