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Baseball caps are back in fashion and ready to hide your roots

by Holly O'Neill
10th Feb 2021

Read time: 5 minutes

Wear a baseball cap with absolutely everything; they're easy to pull off and they're a runway-approved saviour of your roots.

Hairdressers might not be open until “much later” than March 5, according to Leo Varadkar. If your roots are approaching a state of national emergency, there is one small, comforting bright side. You can now cover your lockdown roots up with a baseball cap and look chic, rather than like a teenage boy or a Trump supporter. Maybe still stay away from red hats though.

Thanks to some hard work by designers and the fashion set, and a healthy dose of Diana Mania, the baseball cap is back in fashion.

Designers have started paying closer attention to the much-maligned baseball cap in recent seasons and they reached a fever pitch when Kaia Gerber made her only SS21 appearance at the Celine show. Set in a stadium made over to look like a Celine track-and-field arena, in both of her looks, Gerber wore blazers over a sporty crop top, denim, ankle boots, sunglasses and Celine-branded baseball caps, which were worn with almost every look at the show.

While serving mainly as a throw-on, fashion-forward camouflage for bad hair days, there are also a few key componenets to getting the baseball cap right.  Baseball caps belong to the umbrella of 90s revival trends, so keep it as excrutiatingly 90s and dad-friendly as you can manage; wear it with slouchy jeans, dad-at-Disneyland sandals, ugly trainers. Think of Diana, in an oversized sweater with a blazer and a baseball cap, or Kaia Gerber at Celine.

Wear it with loungewear and oversized outerwear, like the style set above and everyone else, for a coffee run, and with sunglasses for a “no photos please” look. Bonus points for collegiate fonts.

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