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A crystal healer on the crystals you need for 2021

by Melanie Morris
02nd Jan 2021

Merle O'Grady

Merle O'Grady

In the IMAGE 2020/ 2021 Annual, out now. Melanie Morris meets jewellery designer and crystal healer Merle O’Grady to find a woman who’s put a very fashiony feel to the ancient practice.

“Crystals are not some magic cure-all pill,” says Merle O’Grady in the IMAGE 2020/2021 Annual, “but they are a really powerful tool to help you to shift your energy – maybe to help you feel confident when moving in a new direction or to support you and bring you comfort when going through a really hard time. And helping people feel like they can easily incorporate them into their lives is a joy.”

Here, Merle shares the crystals you need in your arsenal for 2021.


The ultimate “in it for the long haul” supportive crystal. Combining a triple threat of grounding energies in the form of hematite, tiger’s eye and red jasper, this crystal is a wonderful support for endurance and for boosting a sense of courage and strength.


2020 has raised our stress levels as a collective, and lithium-containing lepidolite is my go-to crystal to help calm the storm before reaching that point of total overwhelm. It helps us feel supported, calmer and more optimistic when we have to roll with unexpected changes.


Another calming, soothing crystal that is helpful for alleviating future-tripping tendencies and instead focusing on the here and now with a sense of acceptance and ease. With so much outside noise influencing us, this crystal is
a great ally when discerning what your own truth is and how to express it fully.


A marshmallow pink “cuddle in a crystal”, this crystal helps with processing past events and healing grief, and is so supportive for allowing any unprocessed feelings to come to the surface. It helps encourage empathy with others while being loving and kind to ourselves and believing in our own self-worth.


This powerful crystal is helpful for anyone making a big change of direction in their life after the year we’ve had. It helps with clarity, focus, willpower and breaking through any residual blocks or conditioning standing in your way.

Photography by Anthony Woods.

The IMAGE 2020/2021 Annual issue is on shelves now.

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