Watch: Irish Rugby Player Frolicking In Field Is Both Glorious & Hilarious

Yesterday we brought you Ryan Reynolds assembling IKEA furniture, (you're welcome) and today we've got Irish rugby legend Sean O'Brien frolicking through a field, glorious arms on display. We don't mean to ogle him in an objectifying manner, but hey, it's Friday, and we've already had pizza AND cake so we may as well continue to do what tickles our fancy. Some might suggest this is one of the best Rugby World Cup ads ever, in that it starts out all serious and emotive, as rugby often is, but finishes on the most wonderful comedic high.

So rugby. What's the end goal there? Is it for the wins? The camaraderie? The sport itself? What about all of the training, the late nights, the hours spent at the gym, the focus and the commitment? Evidently a man after Kim Kardashian's heart, it's?worth nothing if your hard work doesn't result in at least several decent selfies.?All those likes, O'Brien tells us, that's what it's all about.

We didn't think watching this famed flanker, whose arms were most likely carved by angels, run slow-mo through a field could get any better, but his natural flair for comedy just takes this to a whole new level.


If you weren't already hooked on the RWC, or Ireland's new beef jerky brand, for that matter, this ad might lure you in that direction.

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