Roasted Hazelnut Espresso Martini

  • by IMAGE

Coffee martinis are just what the (bar) doctor ordered for this season of frenzied social appointments and shop queues. When you finally find yourself an evening off, indulge in some quality pyjama time and try give this pick-me-up, courtesy of the kindly Opium on Dublin's Wexford Street, a whirl.


60ml (Double Espresso) Fresh Coffee

Crushed Ice

40ml Vodka


12,5ml of Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur

12,5ml Kahlua Coffee Liqueur

12ml of Roasted Hazelnut Syrup

Coffee Beans and Mint (Garnish)


Firstly brew some fresh coffee 60ml (double espresso). Chill a coupe glass with crushed ice. Into the Boston glass pour 40ml Vodka, 12,5ml of Frangelico Hazelnut liqueur, 12,5ml Kahlua Coffee Liqueur, 12ml of Roasted Hazelnut Syrup and Coffee. Give it a good old shake with cubed ice to create nice frothy head and then double strain it into the chilled coupe glass and garnish with coffee beans and mint. Enjoy!


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