Phase 2 Plus in pictures: Hundreds queue as shops reopen

The second stage of Ireland's lockdown exit strategy – or Phase 2 Plus – officially kicked off on Monday, June 8th and one thing was obvious straight off: there would be queuing 

Would you queue for over an hour to get into IKEA? Hundreds of would-be shoppers did on Monday morning. To buy, to browse, to feel a sense of life outside of working from home and too many Zoom calls.

Shopping is normal. It's something we all did pre-pandemic. Before we knew life could change so quickly. For us, and for the business owners who put in their heart and soul to ensure theirs would thrive. No longer is it even about a purchase (though there was plenty of that), it's about day-to-day post-Covid-19.

A hint that there is and will be, life after this virus. The nod from the government that we can start to offer our support locally, treat ourselves (and others) again (online shopping while great, doesn't hold the same allure for many).


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Shops tentatively pulled open their shutters for the first time in months for a new sort of experience for both staff and customers. There were face masks, some gloves, plenty of queues and generally, a happy, relaxed atmosphere across the city.

Below, we have some of the photos and clips which captured a fresh start, virus or not, for many:

Many were prepared to wait:


Some queued, just because:

And it wasn't just IKEA fans:

Photo: @willgoodbody


Some preferred to hold off on the flat-packing assembling:

While others, such as staff from Brown Thomas and Arnotts (both due to open this week), started preparations:

Face masks were worn by some, but not all:


And quite a few "just came for a browse":

Grafton Street was the busiest it's been in months:


Photo: @willgoodbody

And yes:

Main photograph: @louiseburne_

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