Family of murdered Michaela McAreavey launch new podcast about the trial

Almost nine years after her death, John McAreavey is still seeking justice for his wife Michaela McAreavey following her murder in Mauritius 

Michaela McAreavey, a much-loved teacher from Northern Ireland, was murdered while on honeymoon with her new husband, John McAreavey, in 2011. Now, almost nine years after her death, John has recorded a podcast with his sister and brother-in-law to highlight 'the circus' of her murder trial, as well as the lack of justice carried out.

The tragedy took place in the couple’s hotel room in Mauritius, where they were meant to be celebrating their recent marriage. However, on January 10, Michaela was found strangled and half-submerged in the bath of her honeymoon suite. It's believed the 27-year-old had retreated to the room after lunch, where she discovered burglars going through her property.

A year later, a trial began in which two local hotel workers were accused of her murder. The trial lasted eight weeks, at the end of which a nine-person jury found both men not guilty.


Murder in Mauritius

Desperate to achieve justice for Michaela, John and his late wife's family have launched a new podcast called Murder in Mauritius. Over the course of nine episodes, the podcast details the harrowing events of her murder, together with the shambolic court proceedings.

Speaking to Pat Kenny on Newstalk, John said he wants to bring awareness to the 'kangaroo court', adding that the men's defence team used the trial as an opportunity to entertain. "They would play up to the gallery and the gallery would respond and everybody was sitting laughing," he said.

He also wants to highlight "the overwhelming evidence to prove that the men charged were, in fact, guilty," he says.

"One of the things that’s hardest to endure is the fact that, still to this day, we know who’s responsible for murdering Michaela – and to know that they’re free and living their lives without being held responsible is a very difficult thing to bear."

All nine episodes of Murder in Mauritius are available to stream on Spotify now.

Photo: Mickey Harte and Michaela McAreavey on her wedding day


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