The Irish embroiderers you should know about this year

Providing delicate yet often whimsical designs, here are our favourite Irish embroiderers that we think you should know about too. 

Once thought of as slightly old-fashioned, something genteel Victorian ladies did to fill their endless empty hours, embroidery is seeing something of a resurgence. People are putting a contemporary spin on this traditional craft, creating designs that are humorous, chic, and even political.

With a number of Irish embroiderers creating amazing work, here are some of our favourites.

Sorcha O'Raw  


Specialising in a type of embroidery called goldwork, which uses metal thread that is wrapped around a fibre core to create a raised effect, Sorcha O'Raw has been getting attention for her series of iconic Irish foods.

Kerrygold, Tayto, and Brennans have all made it onto her list so far, and she's currently working on Barry's, although plans to diplomatically move on to Lyons. Check out the January/February issue of Image Interiors & Living for an interview with Sorcha about her work.

Domino Whisker 

Irish embroiderers

Domino Whisker spent much of her childhood in LA, but returned to Ireland, and her work shows influences of both places. Her designs lean towards the minimalist, but often hold a deeper meaning. Pieces on her online shop often disappear fast, but she also has two enamel pins of her designs, if you can't get your hands on her embroidery.


Ursula Burke

Ursula Burke is an Irish artist who works with sculpture, embroidery, drawing and photography. Much of her recent work explores politicians and their abuses of power. Depicting modern politicians in embroidery, inspired by a Baroque style, is suggestive of an ideal version of society unravelling.

Roberta Marina

Irish embroiderersPhoto: Ruth Kelly

Northern Irish embroiderer Roberta learned to sew from her grandmother, and has taken the medium to her own place, using it to express a whole range of quirky designs. She has a range of pieces for sale on her Etsy store, and also does commissions.

Chloe Jo

Focusing on embroidery patterns, kits and workshops, Sligo-based Chloe Jo helps people create embroidery on their own. She sells patterns as well as full embroidery kits, to get you started on your way to producing your own work of art.

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