Peek Inside a House Conversion Brimming With Scandi-Galwegian Chic

Artistic dynamo Aoibheann MacNamara has loved every moment she's spent converting a rundown carpenter's workshop into an original urban home for a modern family. Here she explains how???between running Ard Bia at Nimmos restaurant and co-owning The Tweed Project clothing label as well as caring for?her six-year-old son, ?ni ?'she found time to transform a 150-year-old building in Galway's West End into the bohemian home of her dreams, using a'mix of reclaimed materials, bespoke solutions and buckets of?artistic flair.

I WAS LOOKING FOR somewhere specific for years, but knew I'd never find a New York-style loft building in the middle of Galway city. Eventually I saw the potential in this place, and its location (in supersonic, real Galway), and was delighted when I struck a deal with the owner.

MY ARCHITECT SUGGESTED?putting three bedrooms upstairs, but it's only me and ?ni living here and I didn't want to lose the lovely ceiling height of the main structure. We added a floor on one very high section and ?ni's bedroom is up there now. It's a cosy space with a low ceiling.

A GOOD BUILDER AND ARCHITECT ARE EVERYTHING.?Without them, a project will easily fail. I can't understand why anyone would think they can undertake a refurbishment without engaging experts.?Once mine understood my ideas, he embraced them and really went for it.?


HELPFUL HINT: The underfloor heating'meant I didn't need to compromise on space for radiators, which allowed me more room for art on my walls!

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WORDS Jillian Bolger
Doreen Kilfeather
STYLING Michelle Hanley|?

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