Tokyo Fashion Week is a free-for-all fashion buffet

To a fashion outsider, i.e. an individual not working in or particularly bemused in the goings-on of the fashion industry, it might seem that London, Milan, Paris and New York are the holy quaternity of Fashion Weeks. But outside these Mega events, fashion week takes place in pretty much every major city around the world, from Sydney and Hawaii.

Right now, the spotlight is on the Japanese capital Tokyo and, from what I can see online, I think I’ve found my fashion people. Every outfit literally looks edible, like a multi-coloured buffet of rainbow drops, fruit pastels and gumdrop buttons. It's bright, it's ostentatious, it's deliberate, it's maximalist but it’s far from kitsch. It's coordinated considered and fun, which is why I'm so drawn to it. In a way, Tokyo street style is re-writing the rules of style and you get something different than from NYC or London. It feels less effortless and it's the type of style that makes you think, "Hey, I can do that too!". What I love most about Tokyo street style most is that each outfit is made up using meticulous attention to detail. Fashion Week or not, these savvy people dress up for the sheer joy of it. And the rolling streets of Harajuku provides a backdrop that looks like it came straight from a Rupert Sanders movie set. Scroll down for styling tricks, as told straight from the colourful streets of Harajuku.

Reboot a baroque dress with pearls and leather

Instil new life to your old baroque dress by layering it together with a crisp white shirt and daring leather jacket. A traditional string of pearls in varying lengths gives this dress some classic charm. What really brings this look into 2018 and beyond is the highly sought-after Maison Margiela Tabi toe boots, make this ensemble all the more delectable and modern.


Twinning is winning

No, you're not seeing double. This is identical twins Ayaxx Amiaya and Amixx Amiaya who, together, have amassed over 322,000 followers. Models and DJs Ami and Aya came to the forefront of the fashion world after walking for Dolce & Gabbana (and most recently, appeared in a Valentino campaign), and are known online for complimenting one another's outfit. And complimenting is the key word here, not matching. See how they wear the same anchor piece but offset the rest of their ensembles with alternating colours and texture? This is how you twin and win (and if Julia Roberts can do it, you can too).

Sportswear isn't sportswear when you add leather and shearling

Go from gym to dinner in one quick swoop by swapping out compression leggings for a va-va-voom mini skirt and top it off with a draped shearling (bonus points if it's orange). If Marc Jacobs-inspired platforms are just a bit too intimidating, try stylish trainers instead or how about an updated classic ankle boot?

A waisted belt is the ultimate inter-seasonal accessory


If I had €1 for every time a belt has saved my sartorial life, I would have at least €50. Women see belts as having superpowers. They create an optical illusion and are pieces of sorcery that cinch in our waistlines and exaggerate our silhouettes. They are a tool to "celebrate your curves", so to speak. But in today's media-saturated, health-obsessed, BoPo-fighting world, women don't particularly care about accentuating their curves and elongating lines: we just want to look good and feel great. And isn't this outfit a great example of that? I love how this woman has taken two striking colours and neutralised them with punchy off-white and cream accents.

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