This Is The Potent Reason Why Many Of Sunday's Golden Globe Attendees Will Be Dressed In Black

Black will be the colour of focus this coming Sunday for the 75th annual Golden Globe Awards, the inaugural awards celebration of the season. The all-black dress code, which has now been confirmed twice-over on the internet, is a bid to protest sexual assault, abuse and harassment in the industry. The sartorial protest is a raw reminder of the #MeToo movement that encouraged victims of sexual abuse within the film and TV industry to come forward and report their perpetrators.  #MeToo swept around the internet at lightning speed as more than 40 actors came forward with stories of sexual misconduct. The result was pinnacle viral moment of 2017.

Now, with the new year, and on the backbone of the #MeToo movement comes the Time's Up Initiative; a sexual harassment prevention initiative launched on Monday, January 1st, by Shonda Rhimes, Reese Witherspoon, Emma Stone and other prominent Hollywood women. It is, in essence, a coordinated effort to counter systemic sexual harassment in all workplaces not just the entertainment business. The initiative includes a $13m legal defence fund to help women in less privileged professions protect themselves from sexual misconduct and the consequences that may arise from reporting it (the public can also donate via a GoFundMe site). As well as wearing a black ensemble on Sunday, this year's hottest Hollywood accessory will no doubt be this little inconspicuous black pin.


I can't help but feel inherently proud that so many strong, powerful women are taking a stand. It also throws a spanner into the sartorial works and I suspect the wardrobe competition will be even fiercer than usual given the limitations (for black gown inspo, see gallery above).

This is a vital reminder that, while Trump can cause chaos, grab women "by the pussy" and still be elected president,  we can gather in numbers. We can shout louder. We can call out those who grossly wronged us.

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