New Mags On The Block

Whilst investing in print publishing may at first seem anachronistic, the proliferation of pop-ups and new titles in 2013/2014 begs to differ. If KickStarter is anything to go by, it looks like all you need is large white borders, a matte finish and some heavy paper stock to get the culture consumers to throw dough at a print project. The happy result is a new generation of magazines which are independently produced, beautifully designed and modestly funded, that reinvigorate the sector and prove once again that while the future is digital, people’s hearts are still in print magazines. Last week saw Marie-Claire launch its popup publication Branche, a New York based ‘younger sister’ that features Alexa Chung on its cover, a less ‘glamour’ typeface, and includes Uzoamaka Maduka, the editor of The American Reader, on its pages. Overall it seems to be going for an edgier, younger tareget audience.

Among other publications launched of late is VAMP, from the two Spanish men behind Hercules, David Vivirido and Francesco Sourigues. A magazine “for women on top”, VAMP combines fashion and art photography and can be seen mainly as a high-fashion magazine with particular attention to photography and an undercurrent of erotica.

Another small print project from last year is Cereal, the Bristol-born publication about lifestyle, food and travel. It ticks all the required boxes for a contemporary publication (plenty of white space, strong typography, heft), with the added boon of having informative and well put-together content including amazing nature photography alongside architectural interest and cool foodie tips.

What will be interesting to see is which of these new generation publications will stand the test of time, and both capture and sustain a healthy readership.


Also note niche and ironically under-designed (maybe) The Plant gardening magazine.  And true lovers of print should check out Stack, a subscription service that sends you a new indie title every month, lucky dip style. It never fails to surprise...and delight.

Roisin Agnew @Roxeenna

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