Jennifer Lawrence on Powerful Women

Taking a conscious side step from the furore surrounding those nude photos, Hollywood's Oscar winning sweetheart Jennifer Lawrence has teamed up with Dior for a striking new campaign, during the filming of which she discusses what it means to be a powerful woman. Lawrence takes over the reigns as their face of the moment, following on from their collaborations with the likes of Charlize Theron and Robert Pattinson.

The star of the upcoming finale of The Hunger Games, Mockingjay, suggests that in her opinion, a powerful woman is one that 'exudes confidence and can be tough but fair and kind' at the same time. With a glint in her eye, Lawrence continues that a powerful woman 'knows how to get what she wants.'


Jennifer's photoshoot showcases their new Be Dior leather handbag collection, described as having a 'fashionable, urban spirit which redefines Dior attitude.' 'From the runway to the street, the "Be Dior" flap bag has a dynamic elegance. Its simple lines, luxurious details and the multiple ways it can be worn make "Be Dior" the perfect cosmopolitan bag.' Check out the collection here.


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